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  1. Hello- just read that your husband has been on AP since Dec 18, 2018.  My son in law has been in AP since 11/15/2018 for something similar as your husband's case.  The only thing is that they didn't tell him he needed to provide any information.  (He was detained by ICE and was accused of being a "gang member" and that supposedly it sates that he agreed he was, which he did not and is not) but he has NO previous criminal record of anything.  All they said was that they had to review his case further. Have you heard of any update? Last case status shows to be on March 19. 

  2. He was missing a court record showing a case was dropped when he was 17 in 2004. His appointment was Dec. 18, 2018 officer gave him a blue paper asking for court documents we sent same day and sent documents right away but sent us another g221 letter on Jan. 18 ,2019 were wrong case. Second g221 letter detailed what case in court and we couldnt find record so we received clearance letter from police sent thru dhl and received another g221 letter on feb 26, 2019 that they needed the court decision on the case until finally we found thanks to our lawyer saying maybe - between names will pull it up and thank god it pulled up the record that was dismissed and payed. we sent on March 15, waiting on and answer. Seems like a month passes for them to answer I pray to god this time its correct document and get answer soon.
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