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  1. Good luck . I hope you get this resolve too. I wish I was able to do a Plan B like move to his country but Cuba is not the place to live 😢 It is worse everyday
  2. Latest update on my case. Only makes me believe this will wake more than the 60 days the letter had said. But confuses me as to why they will contact him by writing ??? And not me ?
  3. Unfortunately, it's under their time. I know a few people that are under AP for months because they needed a Cosponsor. They already submitted the affidavit... and still waiting to get an answer... We can do everything right but if something is missing and even if it's simple , it will not be resolved from one day to another. It can take months.
  4. From what I understand you can take a family member or friend to translate.
  5. Question for anyone that can answer.. The color of the letter given to us matters?? Mine was white but I've heard of other colors..Thanks
  6. Exactly , only gave us the 221(g) and said at this moment, I can't issue your visa. We will contact you. It's been two weeks and so far they have not requested anything .
  7. I asked them if they could tell me the reason why we were in AP . Since we left the embassy with no information. I guess they don’t have to answer me, right ?
  8. To clarify, we must list the children in the I-134 even if they ARE NOT immigrating with SO? when I asked my consulate office if they need to be included they said they don’t have to be if they are not immigrating at this time... So I didn’t list them now I’m in AP but they never mention this was the reason
  9. Last email from embassy After I sent an email to them letting them know we left the embassy with and AP and without reason given .
  10. Interview on June 26 interview went great as well was issued a 221G no reasons given.
  11. Thank your. You’re so sweet . Yes it’s been hard for both of us to see everyone get approved and leaving with their SO. But I am ver happy for all of them. I pray that our case won’t take long .
  12. They make it so confusing . Now, What does that mean ? Do they have your passport.? Thank you ! I’m going home soon 😢 and I’ll start doing research
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