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  1. When was your initial interview scheduled for? Did you send a letter that you filed VAWA?
  2. I know what you mean. I keep to myself, I don't talk about it to anyone, I feel alone most days even with counseling, but I pray and that's my peace. I'm trying not to think about all the negative things that could happen and all the negative things he's doing to me, but some days it's really really hard. Thank you though for sharing with me. I read this forum everyday for hope and strength.
  3. This story just brought me to tears thinking about my own life. He's taken everything from me and my journey is just starting, I'm worried, I'm scared, but I have faith in God. Thank you for sharing your journey, may God bless you abundantly. People can be evil and they think we'll get deported, but God has the final plan for us.
  4. Congratulations. Please share your timeline if you can.
  5. Thank you dear. I already have and have my notice. Thank you again to you and everyone for supporting everyone. We vent and ask questions and everyone seems so kind and patient. I read all the posts just to keep faith and gain information. Now I'm praying I get a Prima Facie.
  6. Godschild

    VAWA 2019

    Thank you, these seem to be 2018 and earlier at least before DEC filers.
  7. Actually I just found this information online, thank God, that gives me more details. VAWA funding is not in danger in the long term. Federal discretionary funding goes through two processes: authorization and appropriation. When Congress authorizes a program, it gives the Appropriation Committee permission to fund the program. The Appropriations Committees decide how much money a program actually gets. Appropriators frequently fund unauthorized programs – VAWA was unauthorized between 2010 and 2013 and was still funded. Only grant programs need to be authorized; the rest of VAWA never “expires.”
  8. Everything I keep reading says it's expired. I wish someone could explain what they mean by successful? They received a receipt notice, so that means it's okay to file? so confused.
  9. Are people still filing VAWA after Dec 7th? Any 2019 filer?
  10. Are there any 2019 VAWA FILERS? I'm worried about this whole VAWA ending, does it mean filing in 2019 is a mistake?
  11. Did you request to change your name? it says name updated, so I assume they changed your name back to your maiden name? What evidence did you submit if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Question, when you request to place your I-485 onhold, do you get any updates on your case status?
  13. what's the status so far? were you married to a USC? did you file before with them?
  14. question, you said your name was updated please explain? Did you first with your abuser and had your name changed before and then changed back to your maiden name?
  15. I filed my vawa a few weeks ago, I have a pending I485-I130 and approved EAD previously when I applied with my abuser. My case just went into ready to be interviewed. My attorney says I will probably get an interview late February to March, I don't know what to do. Attorney says we need receipt notice before contact USCIS to request to place application pending. Is this true? How long do people generally get their receipt notice? I see people getting Prima Facie notice 30 days after applying on here. Is there anything attorney can do to keep interview from being scheduled now?