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  1. CinBr


    You were aproved in the interview?
  2. Hi Everyone, i come here with a silly question. It wasn't a worry until now that we are so close to submit. My boarding passes and flight itinerary are in Spanish, i didn't have the option to get it in English, cause they are digital, the company email me in my language. The boarding pass is in Spanish too. It is that a problem?
  3. You need a Beneficiary's fiance intent of marry and another one from the petiotioner. Both signed. That is your RFE. They want 2 letters, one from the fiance and another one from the petitioner.
  4. All i have it is evidences that i was in USA living for 11 months, a copy of my j-1 visa and my Driver's licence so they can see i was living with him. Also i am adding the i-94 number. After that i only met each other one time in Canada, so i am adding boarding passes, Airbnb information. He didn't get a stamp in Canada, he is american, it is like as in Europe. I am adding tickets from things that we did in Toronto. I don't have more evidences, because when i was in USA we didn't keep any ticket, we didn't realize all this proccess haha. I am adding call history and some chat conversation with my parents, because they didn't meet in person yet.
  5. I am in the same page than you at this moment. I was reading a lot and i think you should not add the Christmas card and the Facebook and Instagram post in this step. OMG 18 pages of Boarding passes and receipts. I have a question, how are you doing with the pictures? Are you writing in the back of the picture, or how? Are you doing it in a photo paper?
  6. My fiancé has 32 pages we have to submit the 32 and the paper signed for the judge where say the marriage is disolve? We are thinking in send all the papers my fiancé has. He is from Texas.
  7. Yes, we have Airbnb tickets, a ring ticket, a lot pictures. We have one with his friend in USA. He was my host family. Our story was as a movie haha. So for this reason i said i have a lot pictures with his kids. You are so helpful. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi everyone, I read a lot about add pictures with family or not. A lot people say helps a lot. I was living in USA for 11 months at that point we didn't think in visas and nothing. So we didn't save a lot things as an evidence. My fiancé has 3 kids, i have pictures with them, and one with my fiance, his son and me. However my fiancé has contact with my parents (they talk by Whatsapp) but he didn't come yet to Spain, so we don't have pictures with my family and friends. I am not sure if the pictures with his kids are important in our case, because i was my fiancé Au pair at the begining. It is how we met, and started our relation. He is planing to come to Spain in Spring Break for a few days. He is not sure, he need to plan it good. We want to apply in February, but we are not sure if we should wait for our meet in Spain, and submit afer that. We travelled together in New years. We went to Toronto. So we have evidences for 1 year. Should we put all together in a folder? I will do a copy of our tickets and boarding pass. Is it the Spain consulate easy?
  9. Hi everyone, I don't know if it is ok this question in VJ forum. But i need some help, so if someone knows something i will be thankfull. I was living in USA with a J-1 Visa. I came back to my country in july 2018. So, i am not sure if i have to pay taxes.
  10. The paperworks say this exactly : Persons with whom Conservator Has Dating Relationship IT IS ORDERED that each conservator is prohibited from introducing the children to a person with whom the conservator has a dating relationship until such conservator has been dating that person for at least 6 months.
  11. It is something about the kids. To introduce to the kids they may be dating 6 months. They didn't say nothing about after the decree. We were dating for 13 months.
  12. Yes, he filed in July so he had to wait until September to continue with the process. However, he got the divorce in December. So, he had to wait 30 days to get married. But we will apply in February.
  13. It is 30 days to get married after the divorce is official.
  14. The 60 days it is when you go the first time to the courts. He went in July but he didn't sign the divorce until December. It was hard get agreements about all.
  15. Yes, it's ready. But I need to mail him the marry intent letter signed for me. So that will take 3 weeks. So until end of February we won't apply.