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    Billiards, PlayStation 4

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    We met playing words with friends, I was going to watch baseball spring training games in Arizona, so I messaged Liliana and told her I may not be available for a little bit....We started messaging more often, then video chats..We became friends and it just took off from there. Liliana came to the USA and stayed with my family for a month in 2018 and our love for each other grew even stronger.....She is an amazing woman and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

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  1. She want to learn how to play!

    © Gerald Chasteen

  2. Liliana is out! We started at 8am, she made it all day, all night and finally crashed at 130am! She’s a trooper!

    © Gerald Chasteen

  3. Long long day at the Indiana State Pool Tourney! Liliana is starting to get tired!

    © Gerald Chasteen

  4. Indianapolis Indiana, State Pool Tourney

    © Gerald Chasteen

  5. United Center Chicago, Took Liliana to a Bulls game!

    © Gerald Chasteen

  6. “The Bean” Millennium Park Chicago

    © Gerald Chasteen

  7. Chicago Illinois Navy Pier

    © Gerald Chasteen

  8. Liliana will be back in the USA  tomorrow, March 13th!!!  I  can’t wait to see her!  We received our NOA 1 on Jan 4th,  patiently waiting for the next steps

  9. Liliana will be coming back to the USA on March 13th!!!  I hate all of this waiting,  but good things come to those who wait!  Nothing makes me happier!!!  2 more weeks!


    1. lilek.k


      I love you baby 💖

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