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  1. Shortly after posting this I actually was bale to get through and waited 55 minutes to talk to someone BUT they did confirm the date received. Baby steps, lol
  2. We were approved in January and I have been trying to call the NVC for days and always receive the same message that they are not taking phone calls at this time. I have called when they first open, be fore closing and throughout the day. Is there any other way to get the case number and IIN? Like through the email?
  3. Perfect example, when I checked the processing times last week they were working on September 25th, 2018. Today it says September 4th, 2018. I am really just frustrated and confused. How do they manage to repeatedly travel back in time repeatedly? When we filed the time frame was 7-9 months. How do people deal with this, I feel super depressed, trapped and hopeless. Our lives are on hold. I am not looking, for answers. I am just venting. 😔
  4. I live in Delaware, my husband is in Jordan. We filed in November of 2018, so we are already at 13 months now.
  5. I do check it weekly, but it seems inaccurate? 6 months ago it said they were working on August 2018 the they switched it back to May 2018. I know people in the same processing center that submitted after me and and are receiving NOA2. I was just looking for opinions. thanks!!
  6. We file 11/21/2018 and received our NOA 1 but I am getting anxious that we did not receive NOA 2 yet. it seem like some many people already received theirs that filed after us and are with Nebraska Processing center. Should I call?
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