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  1. I have communicated with Kez on a few occassions, and she was always pleasant and helpful. I had no idea about her illness, my heart dropped when I read this post. As a fellow Scot, and a great person, Kez will be saddly missed. My condolences to kezzies family and friends (F)

  2. Congratulations on the approval. What all did you get asked at the interview, if you don't mind me asking?

    Thanks CB,

    These are questions I was asked at the interview:

    Had I been involved in any terrorist organizations.

    Had I ever been deported from the US.

    My name, DOB, address.

    How we were supporting ourselves financially.

    Why I decided to marry my husband.

    They asked, who my co-sponsor is, he is a freind of my husbands. They asked him how long he had known him.

    They asked my husband:

    Where we met.

    About his disability (that's why we had a co-sponsor)

    I was asked what type of job I was going for as I am looking for work.

    She questioned one vaccination on my medical, which was the Varciella (SP) the chicken pox one, but she cleared that with her supervisor.

    She photo copied photos from a photo album I'd taken with us, post marked envelopes with proof of address, and some birthday, christmas, and cards from when our son was born. She also took my I-94. My passport had expired so it wasn't stamped.

  3. I'm guessing since she's British that was a British date for January 8th of 08, not August.

    You are correct Caladan, sorry about the confusion there.

    Updated list.

    Name---------------Sent-----Fee Method Used--Received---Cashed----NOA1------Biometrics---Transfer---Interview

    Jashley820--------07/14/06--Personal check---07/16/07---xx-xx-xx--07/28/07---08/15/07

    OlivianWaleed-----07/16/07--Money Order------07/xx/07---xx-xx-xx--07/??/07

    Sultan Acheh------07/16/07--Personal check---07/22/07---07/28/07--No---------07-31-07

    Griffon76---------07/20/07--Personal check---07/23/07---08/03/07--No---------08/29/07

    Lana Rascoe-------07/20/07--Personal check---07/23/07---08-10-07--No---------09/13/07

    sandycheeks-------07/20/07--Personal check---07/23/07---08/01/07--08/27/07---08/23/07----11/28/07

    Ali1978-----------07/21/07--Money order------07/23/07---xx-xx-xx--No---------08/22/07

    a4ever------------07/23/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---08/08/07--08/28/07---09/04/07

    sahara------------07/23/07--Personal check---07/24/07---08/08/07--08/28/07---08/30/07---------------01/22/08

    Karin und Otto----07/19/07--Personal Check---07/24/07---08/02/07--08/31/07---09/13/07----09/13/07

    PatientlyWaiting--07/23/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08/15/07--09/04/07---09/12/07---------------11/06/07

    dannymartin1------07/23/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08-07-07--08/21/07---08/31/07----09/14/07

    Bigb42------------07/23/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08/15/07--No---------09/18/07

    preciousgift------07/24/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08/09/05--08/16/07---09/08/07

    Garya505----------07/24/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08/09/07--08/25/07---09/04/07----09/10/07

    supra23-----------07/24/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08/09/07--08/31/07---08/31/07

    boardashell_2000--07/24/07--Personal check---07/25/07---08/09/07--No--------------------------------12/13/07

    Dano2006----------07/24/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08/14/07--09/04/07---09/22/07---------------12/04/07

    GabachaYucateca---07/24/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08/14/07--08/30/07---09/05/07----09/24/07

    sk28 -------------07/24/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08/14/07--No---------09/05/07---------------11/20/07

    hummingbird-------07/25/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08/09/07--09/05/07---08/28/07---------------10/26/07

    hafiz-------------07/25/07--Personal check---07/26/07---08-13-07--09/07/07---09/07/07---------------01/28/08

    GavnTam-----------07/25/07--personal check---07/26/07---08/14/07--No---------09/05/07

    Ariana05----------07/25/07--Personal check---07/27/07---08-16-07--09/01/07---09/13/07----09/28/07

    Gabriel-----------07/24/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---xx-xx-xx--No


    Pat001------------07/26/07--Personol check---07/27/07---08/17/07--No

    TomYu-------------07/26/07--Personal check---07/28/07---08-20-07--No

    saruno1958--------07/26/07--Personal check---07/28/07---08/22/07--No---------08-13-07

    vnoe--------------07/26/07--Personal check---07/28/07---xx-xx-xx--09/11/07---09-11-07----10/30/07


    mona Jamie--------07/27/07--Money order------07/28/07---xx-xx-xx--08/31/07---09/11/07----10/02/07

    Marc & Lisa-------07/25/07--Money Order------07/29/07---xx-xx-xx--08/31/07---09/12/07

    mfarmer2----------07/27/07--Personal check---07/29/07---09/04/07--08/30/07---10/05/07---------------01/09/08

    Lubezee-----------07/27/07--Personal check---07/29/07---08/29/07--08/31/07---09/19/07---------------12/17/07

    Allie-------------07/27/07--Money Order------07/30/07---xx-xx-xx--07/30/07---09/25/07


    tonyeck-----------07/27/07--Personal Check---07/30/07---08/28/07--08-24-07---09/18/07----10/15/07

    VanSteven---------07/26/07--Personal check---07/30/07---09/06/07--10/09/07

    Larry&Jia---------07/26/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08/27/07--08/24/07

    MonicaMexcio------07/27/07--Personal check---07/30/07---09/05/07--09/05/07---09/28/07----11/05/07

    Larry&Jia---------07/26/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08/27/07--08/24/07---09/18/07

    David-Mae---------07/26/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08/29/07--08/30/07---09/18/07----11/06/07

    Marie and Bryan---07/26/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08-28-07--08-24-07---10/19/07----10/12/07

    Chris-n-Veronica--07/27/07--Personal Check---07/30/07---xx/xx/xx--09/08/07---09/18/07----10/17/07

    jerricho----------07/26/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---xx-xx-xx--09/05/07---10/03/07----11/16/07

    PaulineA----------07/27/07--Personal Check---xx-xx-xx---08/23/07--08/27/07---09/12/07----08/01/08

    George and Jenny--07/27/07--Personal check---07/30/07---09/06/07--09/10/07---10/04/07

    CountryBoy--------07/27/07--Personal check---07/30/07---09/05/07--09/04/07---09/28/07----10/25/07

    lmhvm-------------07/25/07--Personal Check---07/30/07---08-28-07--No---------09/11/07

    Shub--------------07/28/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08/30/07--08/28/07---09/20/07----10/19/07

    lion lioness------07/28/07--Personal check---07/30/07---08-27-07--08/28/07---09/18/07----10/15/07

    Happymouse--------07/26/07--Personal Check---07/30/07---09/05/07--08/30/07---10/11/07---------------11/20/07


    memoration--------07/27/07--Personal check---07/31/07---xx-xx-xx--No

    CB82--------------07/27/07--Personal check---07/31/07---09/04/07--08/31/07---11/09/07

    Zalendar----------07/27/07--Personal Check---xx/xx/xx---08/30/07--09/01/07---10/01/07----11/08/07

    MDSMIF------------07/27/07--Personal check---08/01/07---xx-xx-xx--09/10/07

    NY_IZMIR----------07/27/07--Personal Check---07/28/07---08/31/07--09/04/07---10/02/07----10/18/07

    lynamon-----------07/28/07--Personal check---08/01/07---10/04/07--10/09/07---10/31/07

    honeysweet--------07/28/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---xx-xx-xx--No

    eff --------------07/28/07--Personal Check---07/30/07---08/29/07--08/27/07

    patiently_waiting-07/28/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---08/30/07--08/29/07---09/28/07----10/19/07

    erick ------------07/28/07--Personal check---xx-xx-xx---xx-xx-xx--No

    akarchin----------07/28/07--Personal check---08/01/07---09/11/07--09/10/07


    Update: I have received an interview date for 08-01-2008

    Congrats on receiving your interview date. Your local office must be busy if your interview isn't until August!

    Sorry, that should be 01-08-08. Thanks for the congrats.

  4. Reading further... the second page talks about medical info.

    Now - what on earth do they mean - Do NOT hold your medical until your I-485 interview.

    Do they mean go ahead and have your medical info as soon as possible or do not submit your medical

    till you have an interview date?

    **I need to go back to school, just to understand all this these letters***

    aahh, help! :blink:


    What is the RFE asking for?

    It's asking for a complete and signed Form I-693 - Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adsjustment of Status.

    I wonder if it was something I over looked as I was filling out I-485... oh, boy! :wacko:

    Thanks for your help!


    Have you had the medical done? If not, I would make an appointment with a civil surgeon ASAP. He will fill out the I-693 that is required. I also got an RFE for the same thing. I was told by my lawyer that they don't need this until the interview, but that was wrong obviously, as I got an RFE for no medical report.

  5. It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.

    Sir Winston Churchill

    There are a terrible lot of lies going around the world, and the worst of it is half of them are true.

    Sir Winston Churchill

    Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

    Mark Twain

    I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  6. I wouldn't do any of the options. I would take it to an animal shelter if it was that bad condition wise. I couldn't keep it, my 3 dog's wouldn't like that, lol. I do love kittens though.

  7. I'm not sure where you are getting that you will have to wait 6 months. It is usually 90 day's. The sooner you respond to the RFE, the sooner your EAD will begin processing again, and the sooner it will arrive. 90 day's is an estimation, just remember it could be before or after 90 days. If you don't receive the EAD within the 90 day's I would definately be in touch with them about that.

  8. I wouldn't rat them out. I would just tell them straight that I don't want any, and it's annoying that they keep asking. If that doesn't work I would ignore them, they might get the message then. If they don't then they are not true friends in my opinion.

  9. Maybe your sponsor can give an online print out of their bank account showing the last 6 paycheck deposits (Or request a print out of the last 6 paycheck deposits from a bank officer if they do not bank online).

    I don't get paystubs and I used the online deposit print out from my checking account for our K1 (no problems), and for my husbands AOS (We haven't gotten a RFE and our case was recently transfered to CSC).

    In your situation just try to document as much as you can and try to make it "fool proof" for the immigration person who will read it. For example include: (1) write a letter saying the sponsor's employer is unwilling to provide a letter of employment , (2) proof of the last 6 pay deposits, (3) a copy of the your sponsor's W-2 and actually write and highlight a note that the income on the WD, when divided by 12 = the monthly deposits, (4) Anything else that could make up for the employer not providing a letter. For example, if your sponsor has been with the same employer for longer than 3 years, include the W2 for more than 3 years. If the business has letterhead, consider having a co-worker, or another manager in the company write a letter stating that they have know the sponsor for X years and that during that time the both worked at___ , where the sponsor worked in the__ department (it doesn't provide a statement about income, but shows that sponsor works there). Also, maybe your sponsor's insurance enrollment forms have the company name, or even their insurance card (sometimes the group name listed is the company), do they have a work ID that can be photocopied? Work e-mails that do not divulge company business and list the company e-mail address. Be sure to staple all of this together, and count all the above combined documents as fulfilment of the the letter of employment, so include seperate copies of the W-2s, and tax-returns.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for all the information. I never thought of half of the stuff you mentioned, so yes, it helped me a lot. I am going to send my co-sponsors last 3 years tax returns, as my lawyer only sent the past years before the RFE. Usually they just require the most recent, but to be sure, I'm going to send my lawyer the past 3 tax years for my co-sponsor. And also I'm sending the pay stubs. He doesn't have a company name badge or anything like that, good suggestion though. I shall just ask my lawyer to write a letter of explanation in regards to my co-sponsor not having a letter from his employer, and I hope they accept that. Well, thanks again for your help.

  10. I'll start off by saying that my lawyer didn't tell us that we were required to send an employer's letter from our co-sponsors employer. He also did not say that I needed to send the medical results now, he said I have to take the sealed envelope from the civil surgeon to the interveiw. As a result I got an RFE for no medical, which is not a problem. Also the RFE requires us to send tax returns and W2's from our co-sponsor, which we already sent. 6 months of pay stubs, and a letter from our co-sponsors employer. The problem is my co-sponsor has some, but not all pay stubs. He asked his employer for a letter, but the employer refused to give him a letter.

    Do you think this is a major problem? Has anyone had an application accepted without the sponsors letter from their employer? Should I have to get a different co-sponsor? Thanks.

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