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  1. Here is a quick update in case it helps anyone. So we finally received our rejected application on October 6th. The only issue we are having is that since my wife's GC was set to expire on 9/28/18 we opted to send in a new application without waiting for the rejected one to arrive.  We sent in the second application on 9/24/18 and USCIS Lockbox Phoenix received it on 9/26/18.  On 10/1/18 the credit card was charged for $680 and that same day my wife received a text message saying application had been accepted and that the official notice would follow in the mail.  My only concern right now is that the original application was returned with a green sheet that was to be placed on top of the new application which we did not do out of fear we would miss the filing deadline.  We are still waiting for the official receipt notice as of today. I'm waiting to speak with a representative to see if they have any updates on their end.  

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