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  1. Hey I got the notice in the mail today. My interview date is October 24th!
  2. Just checked my status online and it says "interview was scheduled". My filing date is November 21st, 2018. The process is slightly getting faster! I will give you guys more update once I get a mail about interview info and have interview in MN!
  3. I also received address change request confirmation e-mail from them. Today they sent another e-mail saying they have updated my address and I called uscis customer service just to make sure it went well and they said it has not been updated so i was confused lol. Sure. I will call them after 30 days to make sure it has been updated. Thank you for the reply!
  4. How do I know if uscis updated new address correctly? I heard so many scary rumors that mails get lost or never got mails and stuff after updating the new address. I changed the address online 10 days ago and called the customer service today and the person i talked to said that it takes about 30 days for them to change the address. I am waiting for AOS green card interview notice and super worried that i might miss the notice or the mail gets sent to the old address. Does Uscis send the confirmation mail saying that they have updated the address? Or should I keep calling the customer service till they say it has been updated?
  5. Did they do fiance visa before? Give us more info about their timeline or visa situation before they decided to do AOS. That's super scary...
  6. Hi all, I'm just wondering if there are any people who went through the interview without wearing or having any wedding band(rings) had bad experience or got questions about why you don't have any rings. I do wear engagement ring but me and my husband decided not to buy wedding rings as we do not think they were necessary. Do you think that not having wedding rings would possibly affect green card interview in a bad way?
  7. I'm really confused about my case here. My EAD case was finally approved on April 5th and got approval notice by mail on April 9th. I waited and waited till the status changed to New Card is being produced but it never did until I called USCIS customer service on April 23rd. On April 23rd my EAD status finally changed to New card is being produced and the status stayed for 2 days. 2 days later my EAD status went back to "Case was approved" from "New Card is being produced". Is there anybody who has had the same experience like my case? I'm really confused here... My ead approval date started from April 4th and I just lost one month of possible working period because my case has been stuck in USCIS and they don't even tell me or notice me anything since then. I know that cases are all different and nobody has answer for this but I just don't know what to do next...
  8. It's a simple procedure that needs to be done, not even a surgery. When I had a symptom here in the States, i had to rush to the emergency room and ended up spending 2,000 dollars...I just can not let it happen again. Thank you for the reply!
  9. Hey. My case status changed back to Case was approved from New card is being produced. I'm super confused right now. Have you heard about cases like mine?
  10. Yay! Awesome! Mine changed back to Case was approved from New card is being produced tho.. I'm super confused and don't know what to think about it 😕
  11. Hi all I'm wondering if I could stay outside the US for 2 months with combo card. I really want to wait till I get conditional green card but the interview won't happen till the end of year. I currently got approval notice for advance parole and am waiting for combo card to get mailed. I have medical issue that I really want to get treated in my home country but would it be risky if i stayed outside the US with combo card for 2 months in my home country? Is there anybody who stayed outside the US for more than 2 months with Combo card and re-entered without any troubles? Thank you!
  12. That's exactly what the guy i talked to said to me as well but then the status suddenly changed on that exact day! Hope you get good news. Fingers crossed.
  13. Yeah I was gonna wait till the first week of May but I just couldn't wait any longer so I called them today and was able to talk to someone about the card. It took less than 15 mins to talk to the customer service! I think you should call them tmw! The earlier, the better! Good luck
  14. Hey guys!! Check your status. Mine just changed to "New card being produced!" after waiting for 18 days!! I actually called USCIS customer service in the morning and maybe it helped i dunno lol Anyway just posting my updated status here.
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