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  1. Just a two-month post-entry update and this may be relevant for questions from @EJOyamot POE: December 28, 2020 Green Card in Production: January 8, 2021 (all date related to green card based on following USCIS Tracker here: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do with Receipt number received after I paid USCIS IV Fee for my Green card of $220 post-interview) Green Card produced: January 12, 2021 Green Card shipped: January 13, 2021 Green Card received: January 14, 2021 SSN: still awaiting - appointment scheduled for March 5 - checked YES on DS-260 form at NVC stage, request was not properly funneled through DHS to SSA. RE: SSN, if you do not receive your social security number automatically in the mail - look into it right away by calling your LOCAL social security office (look up your local office here: https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/main.jsp) . They will be able to look to see if a card has been created based on your first and last name and date of birth. If they don't see it in their system after 3 weeks of entry, please, please, please ask them to put you on the list for an appointment. If you need to, point them to this resource that explains how a SSN is suppose to work for a new Green Card Holder who checked YES on DS-260 - note the last step that says if you didn't receive it within 3 weeks make an appointment: https://www.ssa.gov/ssnvisa/whatyou_need.htm I've called the SSA countless times, starting at week 3 post-entry - at least 60% of the time I couldn't get through to the local office. The first person told me to wait 6-MONTHS (they were totally wrong), the second person put me on the wait list and told me to expect a call within 2-weeks for an appointment, the third person put me to the top of the list for appointments and got me in this Friday. Their phone system is a nightmare, but keep calling and be persistent, you are eligible for a card and you are eligible for an in person appointment.
  2. Received my Green Card today, it was mailed to the wrong address but luckily we still own that property. Our address changed after we were DQ'ed but case was still at NVC. We updated the address with NVC, I had confirmation they changed it and in our interview our address was also confirmed. I really just think it wasn't communicated with USCIS, if I did this process again I'd complete the USCIS address change to the "approved" i-130 forms. Oh well, completed an AR-11 online so USCIS should have my new address now. No idea where the SSN will go, haven't received it yet! POE: Dec 28 Green Card in Production: January 8 Green Card produced: January 12 Green Card shipped: January 13 Green Card received: January 14 SSN: still waiting
  3. @mam521 is going through this right now with one of her littles.
  4. Her issued visa has to go in a passport... I’m just shocked your daughters application has gotten this far without one.
  5. I have the same list of requirements, I am changing our utility bills to be in my name so that I have proof of Texas Residency . I'm giving it two weeks in hopes that my SSN comes in fast like some other's have experienced, and if I don't have my SSN I'll head in.
  6. I also entered via land border and there was no update to my I-94. I believe this is typical though, when you activate an immigrant visa you are no longer given I-94 records because those are "travel" records, and you are no longer a traveler but a resident. Not sure what you tell you on how to meet the requirements for Mass RMV, I'm hoping my SSN comes in before I need to go in for mine in Texas.
  7. Completed POE at the Ambassador Bridge today. I was driving across with my three dogs in a borrowed vehicle (my Canadian parents) and a rented Uhaul Trailer full of my personal and household belongings and my husbands motorcycle (still registered in Texas just never made it back from a visit to Canada). I pulled up in the car lane (there was no bus/RV/trailer lane open) and handed over my passport turned to my visa and informed the officer I was entering to activate my visa. He asked to the liscence plate number of the truck (he couldn’t see it because of the trailer) and the UHaul rental agreement. He also asked if I had an immigrant packet to which I responded that it was electronic. He then asked me to open up the uhaul and he had a quick look inside. He asked how much cash I was carrying, who sponsored me and when I did for work. He then asked me to pull into secondary. It was a tight fit with the trailer so he moved the barricades for me - it was much appreciated. In secondary I was asked the same things again, I opened up the trailer again for a different officer and was asked a few simple questions about what contents I had (they didn’t want to see the list I had prepared). I was asked another two times if I had a packet, to which I responded each time that it was electronic. They told me to wait in the car, I’m not sure if that was a covid protocol or because I was alone with three dogs - regardless I really appreciated it. It took about 45 minutes for them to come back with my stamped passport. They explained it was good for a year and that if I didn’t get my physical green card within a year to call USCIS. They then moved some barricades and helped me get the trailer turned around and on my way. I’m not well on my way to my final destination of Houston, TX. This journey is over after nearly 26 months.
  8. ignore the last two digits of the case number (likely 01 or 02)
  9. Yes - you'll be fine with that information in hand but you might not need it! Practice different scenarios, but the questions can generally be answered concisely and easily in conversation. For example from my interview it went something like this. How and when did you meet? Traveling in Vietnam in 2013. Did you start dating right away? No, we started dating in 2014 when I had moved back to Canada permanently. When did you get married? September 2018 (I didn't get into the details of having a legal ceremony and a public ceremony later on because she didn't ask just focused on what she did ask) When was the las time you were able to see him? He came to visit me in Canada in October of this year.
  10. Our "legal" marriage ceremony was at City Hall and our two witnesses were city staff we have never met before! No one in our family knows our "real" marriage date, they only know our anniversary as the day we held our public ceremony/reception performed by a friend. As long as you know the date of your legal marriage (TBH my interviewer only asked me for the year) and be ready to provide more details (RE who was there) you'll be fine. But start by just answering the questions as they ask, you don't need to use the word elopement if you don't want to.
  11. You missed it! ILs came out last week. Check the spreadsheet for updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LvnDvX95_tfWtTvsJJM49PDPPvPKal0WG2rgdZHhsz0/edit#gid=255923754
  12. The consulate didn’t ask me for anything about the medical. It’s either in their system or it is not. So dont worry too much about not having a confirmation.
  13. Did you book your appointment online or by calling? Dr. Zatzman specifically checked my email address while I was in the room with him to ensure I would get an email confirmation. It seemed like it was a fairly new procedure for them, so it could have been easily missed.
  14. Had medical with Zatzman Nov 20, had an e-mail that results had been sent on the 25th. Keep in mind if the lab is backed up it might take longer for them to process your results.
  15. Woooooo! We changed to ISSUEd - Final Processing this afternoon, the day after our interview. I haven't seen tracking information come through yet. Is there a place online I'm suppose to look? I see this link but it has a 404 error for me. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/us_courrier_information
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