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  1. That's true! In our case it's Detroit, which I believe is not too busy, so we'll see. Anyway - category being current it's a happy news for every F2A beneficient!
  2. Well actually I'm wondering about that because this situation is very unusual. It's just like we are US citizens applying for spouses or children (their "priority date" is always current), and they don't wait any longer for I-130 to be aproved if the spouse/child is already in US. They just submitt I-130 and I-485 together and there are cases when the whole process of obtaining a green card is completed in 3 monts or so.
  3. Hi sinyanmei92, Congratulations! So does it mean that they gave you your green card even though your I-130 was still pending when you applied for AOS? That's a wonderful news!
  4. Awesome! Good luck and please let us know if they'll make you wait addtional months to process and accept your I-130 or if they'll schedule you now for the interview and approve your green card now 😃
  5. If: - you submitted your I-130 before 08 MAR 2019 and, - you are in US on other legal non-immigrant status and, - you are not ineligibe to adjust your status based on some legal requiements (for example you commited a crime or overstayed your visa on some point), Then - based on Visa Bulletin June 2019, you are eligible to apply for AOS starting from June 1st. Its because we were allowed to use the second chart in Visa Bulletin for June 2019 ("Dates for filling") to adjust the status.
  6. Are you currently in the States? If you have submitted I-130 that long ago, you have been eligible to aply for AOS starting from June 1st, 2019. So technically you could have started the process 2 weeks ago. I (LPR) applied for my husband (currently in the States on H1B) on June 3 (first business day in June 😂) and we have already received his Notices of Action for I-485, I-765 and I-131. Now we wait for biometrics appoitment. But the thing is - we submitted our I-130 only 7 months ago, so I'm not sure if we'll still have to wait at least 1 year and 3 months more or will they just schedule us for the interview now (since his priority date is current) and approve it right away. We'll see 😊
  7. I think that he needs to wait until his I-130 gets accepted. Then NVC will send him "Welcome" letter. But I might be wrong.
  8. He can not adjust his status when he's outside US. But if he plans to arrive on some other visa, you guys should file I-485 and I-864. He can also file I-765 and I-131 if he will want to work and travel outside the country.
  9. Yes, that is why we applied for it ASAP. And what's more - we filled with attorney's help and even he was surprised seeing such a jump in "Dates for filling" and first wanted to make sure it's not some random error. So with that being said - even if "Final Action" would become current in July, that doesn't change much for people who already started the process regarding getting a green card earlier if I-130 and I485 are still pending. Especially when processing time of I-130 for F2A sent to California Service Center is approx. 19-25 months... Edit: grammar
  10. Me (LPR) and my husband (H1B) are in the same boat. We've sent his I-485, I-765 and I-131 yesterday. But I just found out Mr. Oppenheim's predictions and actually I am not sure if that changes anything for us? We submitted I-130 in October 2018 so it is still pending. So I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) he'll not get his green card until his I-130 gets accepted, which is still probably a year or more from now.
  11. I know that all. But I'm still wondering why I-765 = Application for Employment Authorization, Form type: Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] can either be processed by: - California Service Center, - National Benefits Center, - Nebraska Service Center, - Texas Service Center, - Vermont Service Center... ... while (in my understanding) the majority of the users on this forum have their I-765 petitions processed by National Benefits Center. I thought that the address of the petitioner matters, but apparently that's not true. Anyway - we're seeing our attorney in June and I'll ask.
  12. Yes I know that. But in said California, they also process EAD "Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] - exactly the same like in National Benefits Center. That's why I asked. EDIT: In Texas too.
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