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  1. Hey everyone! Im just posting to tell you guys that WE GOT APPROVED! 💖💖💖 After 320 DAYS finally. NOA1 - January 5 RFE - October 19 NOA2 - November 20 thank you so much for all the support. Wasn’t easy wait for 10 months. 💖💖
  2. Hey everyone! Im just posting to tell you guys that WE RECEIVED A RFE! 💖💖💖 After 288 DAYS finally, I’m so happy to see our case having a new update. NOA1 - January 5 RFE - October 19 (received an email, and updated on the new website, we still waiting for the letter) thank you so much for all the support. Wasn’t easy wait for 9 months. 💖💖
  3. I’m back. 285 days in my process. NOA1 - January 5th No rfe yet, i already tried inquiry, congressman, call like crazy and nothing happens. It good to see that a lot of you guys already received an answer comparing to a few months ago
  4. Online, I really still trying to stay positive and believe that we’ll hear news soon. my boyfriend was gonna call today again, last time they ask to call back in August 15. Just a normal call, I don’t even know exato what’s tier 2, but look like a super busy person, everyone its calling 😂
  5. Yes, but they said 45 days to have a answer about the inquiry 😔
  6. AAh congrats to everyone that got approved today 👏🏼🎉❤️
  7. I’m planning do that. Its crazy all this time, i feel super bad for other people that have to go thought the same issue.
  8. Our NOA1 it’s 05 January. I’m super frustrated with this process. It’s the worst feeling don’t have any position and see people getting approved one month after your date.
  9. Well, i just submitted a inquiry. I received the message below at the end. Lets see how it goes now. 213 ***** days waiting 😭 “Your application or petition is currently within the posted processing times. An inquiry may not be created at this time. Further information about recent processing times can be viewed on the uscis.gov webpage.”
  10. Thank you sooo so much for your help. It means a lot! I’ll do all that ☺️❤️
  11. Looks so serious ask for help to the congressman. I just have to email them talking about the time on my case and ask to check with USCIS if something it’s going on?
  12. Oh really? I didn’t knew that. Of course, hope its our new name after this process. Thank you so much! ❤️
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