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  1. Same boat here, oath ceremony was supposed to be this week and status now says de-scheduled.
  2. Yes we were scheduled and then canceled 2 days later But I'd rather not go out in a big crowd right now and have passport potentially get stuck because people can't work etc. anyway.
  3. I read that some ceremonies can do both.. they just deal with the name changes at the end for those who have them. They have them in all kinds of places too. When was your interview?
  4. Yes it is showing Case is Approved now. Did yours update?
  5. Ours is this week too, we are bringing the originals mentioned in the letter and our most recent bank statements/financial evidence. Also copies of the submitted application and the tax transcripts. Good luck for your interview and please post tomorrow how it went!
  6. Interested to hear when your interview will take place. We applied about 1 month later and will be out of the country around the timeframe I think it will happen based on the timelines from this summer.. kind of hoping they slow down a bit for the holidays so we don't have to reschedule!
  7. Hi, new San Antonio filer here (mid-October online app).
  8. Joining in this thread, submitted Oct. 14th and have biometrics tomorrow. San Antonio field office.
  9. Is there any indication that this will affect citizenship applications after Oct 15?
  10. Finally got an update on our case, card is being produced! NOA date early December 2017 at CSC. Case was never transferred, it was stuck in "transfer to local office' glitch status and we did not file N400 yet (waiting on the Germans).
  11. Seems like all of the December California filers getting approved were transferred to another office. Not seeing any movement on those who are still sitting at California and didn't apply for N400.
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