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    Malarie reacted to llxxll in Immigration fraud on I-130   
    what do you do if
    if hubby comes into the USA on CR-1 status and starts beating u every day...then he confesses that he only married u to get status in the US...u guys separate just about to weeks after his arrival and he moves to another state... u contact immigration and tell them he was a fraud in writing,... ur hubby has not yet received even his conditional green card,...and u get your marriage annulled back home.... because of the annulment the guy becomes reactionary and starts harassing you over the phone and threatens you... finally, even though he was supposed to have been in another state he shows up at your doorstep...you now have no idea what his address is but you are able to acquire a TPO against him anyways and on top of it due to the fact that every time he harasses you, you file a police report the police have taken out a warrant for stalking against him. Now the thing is that you finally find out what his address is...what do you do next?
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