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  1. I am on my 3rd one. First one approved in 2000. Second one approved in 2005, but we never completed it at the embassey part. I am on my 3rd one now and filed in Nov2010, got an RFE yesterday and all they wanted was a clarification on an attachment I included in the package. I figured it would be for a waiver since this was no. 3 but they did not ask for that. I suppose it will be approved soon and I'll move on. I'm worried about the red flag at the AOS stage.

    As others have alread scrutinized me..Im sorry to see that. They are women..and they were wives..and i did care, and above all i did and still do love them. I lost the first because she chose to be a woman, with love for wanting a child, and thats the most beautiful thng a woman could want..and i have never wanted more then to see her happy, and now she is, and we have continued to be friends..and her husband is glad i was a failure on being able to have children, and now he didnt have to go thru what i did at USCIS, and the pain of losing her to him. My second wife was from a different country."not the same" as some have said. I trusted a family to set me up with their relative, that was the mistake. She was from the Philippines. She said she would adjust, and enjoy the life I live,and all that goes with it. But on arrival, she dod not like my friends.my relatives, and my life style. As I said,I was married to a Cambodian..I have learned the ways of Buddha, and still accept christianity. But she did not like me having friends, relatives, and attachments to cambodia, and its people, and never got over that, and led our marriage down a path of destruction due to jealousies, and a lack of understanding and acceptance of other cultures, not exactly the way of those of us here on Visa Journey. I love Cambodian culture and its people.A friend told me I will never be happy as long as i marry any other asian culture because they will not accept my life style, and likes. And as long as children are in question not being able to have them..that too will be a problem. So my opportunity has arrose to be with a woman who has a child..and divorced, and we have wanted to be together thru an intro from a friend..not a "relative". So their thought of bringing some one here just so she could be with her family isnt a flag either..she has no family here..just me if it is successful. She knows my love for her culture..and she is happy to be loved and cared for,and is very traditional, and kind..and beautiful. I guess now i I will go to see her in July I hope, and get engaged to her, and plan to go to marry her in November. Theres the story for those who may doubt me. So thank you , and if your third is a success. i will be watching and praying..I do care.and i do love..bless everyone, thats why were here.For love..not finger pointing..and accusations. I dont judge others..im here to make the world a smaller and better place thru my love of cambodia, and its people and culture. If that is wrong..the forgive me..and Im sorry.

  2. Yes ..the time lime was for my second wife. My first wife and I wanted chidren. But after spending thousands of dollars and fertility testing, I found it was me who could not make that happen. So she chose to move on and now is happily with 3 children, nd a happy marriage, so I am happy for her. My second was the marriage that could not and would not work due to too many problems as a couple.though we are good friends..it just did not work out unfortunately. so I have a friend who has introduced me to a woman who is everything i ever anted, and has a chid, so she and I are happy with thngs as they are minus the issues of children and such. But I am so afraid for her and her child, that if we start this, it will end in a denial, and hurt all of us.

    I am sure it would be the perfect match..but how do you prove love..its in the heart, and all the feelings and experiences of life and knowing it feels right..and will be beautiful..so i dont know what to do. I want to be happy, but I dont want her or our future child to be hurt, and left in limbo.

  3. I have gone thru the Visa process twice.

    My first wife divorced me..and now it did not go so well with my second wife.

    So now we are divorced, and she is wanting to move on.

    Has anyone ever done the Visa process more then 2 times?

    I am curious. The first I could not stop, the second time I divorced her.

    Does anyone know if I went to bring a 3rd wife if they would deny us.

    I have serious doubts, but if it is worth trying, I am sure i know the right girl this time.

    So if anyone has heard of this working for a 3rd time..please let me know.

    I know it sounds bad..and it sucks..from my end..I have been hurt too..so I dont want to do this if we will be rejected as soon as we apply.Any thoughts with knowledge on this would be appreciated.

    thank you.

  4. My understanding is that not everyone is required to do this, only as requested.

    I dont know if this is truly the case...but as our case was one of them that was requested to provide this..I can say for sure it does exist as a request.

    I sent the last 2 years and nothing was said either way by anyone.

    Dont know if that helps..but yes..some do , and have been requested to provide this.

    Good Luck, and best wishes.

    What the heck is Authorization of release of Tax data?

    For most of my research and LingChe's Shortcuts, I haven't seen this mentioned and then i went onto the NVC help site and this form is mentioned.

    Do we need this? My USC husband is sending 3 years of tax transripts and W2s, is that correct?

    Is this needed or is this an outdated post?

    Thanks so much...

  5. Hi EveryONE,

    I have a friend who is married to an american guy...

    My friend is positive in HEPA B...Do you think she can still

    live in United State with his husband? Does she will encounter problems during

    processing her paper and medical exam?

    Any ideas and concern please...Comment here!!!

    Thank you so much in advance...

    Hello, and hope this helps.

    I do not want to mislead you or her and her husband.

    I work in a hospital here in the states where imigration tests are performed quite regularly, and it is where they do tests for k1 Visaa and the like, as well as our own employees who travel abroad.

    In many cases, Hepatitis B is caught at the embassy, and they are often denied. But there are many cases which if not suspected, or symptomatic, are often over looked, or missed all together.

    So to say that she will be denied is all together wrong, and would be a guess on others part.

    How ever, to say it will not be caught, or that she will not be denied would also be a guess.

    At this point, all she can do, is hope it is missed, or not showing symptoms, and is over looked.

    It is a good point not to post her name, or his on this site as well, as it has been said over the years that they may monitor this site, and that could be a bad thing. Big brother is always out there some where.

    If she should make it here, it will be in her best interest to have the testing done to determine at what stage the liver disease has grown to. In later stages, it can cause liver cancer, scerosis, and result in a transplant being required, or worse, but i wont go there. The testing is in the 1000 dollar plus category, and yearly to bi annual testing is recommended. Just some thoughts.

    So with that, I wish you luck with YOUR friend, and hope all goes well.


  6. There is an easy solution to this.

    Is there anyone out there with such a card?

    If there is a NBI Card with such a note...please let it be seen, and justify the reply.

    On my site http://randynrose.tripod.com I would like it to be updated to include such a statement if it is in fact true. Updated information is a must in such a crucial, and importaant process such as a Visa.

    But the last thing we want to do is identify a marker if you will that will confuse the rest yet to go thru this who may have need of this information when it is time.

    If some one has such a card..please scan it, and of course edit it so that others may have proof one way or another of such a change. NBI has no such statement of change on their site, and thus far ,no proof such a change has taken place. Please help if you are able...so many thoughts and so much confusion has been created by this, that it is very important to make this a statement either fact or fiction.

    Please post your document as soon as possible if it does exist. You would be doing everyone a huge favor, and gain a huge sigh of relief for those awaitng a reply.

    Just my thoughts...But thank you.


  7. We are Randy & Rose from http://randynrose.tripod.com Sorry to change the mood..but just had a question..or a thought.

    being as so many people have brought up topics of where they are from, about them,about their wives, etc.

    I have tried creating a list from all those out there to put on our web site for Fil-Am clubs.

    If you have a Fil-Am Association in your area..can you let me know, and if I dont already have it, I would Like to include it on our list. Hopefully I am not inindated by this..but with all the sites that feature this..so many have gone bad, dead links, and such, and I want to try if that is possible to maintain a list, and if so, to perhaps pin it, if our moderators will. That way all who come here will know if they have a site listed in their areato meet others in the cities where they live.

    Our Fil-Am Association is http://www.rochesterphilam.com

    Rochester Minnesota

    Thanks and appreciate it.


  8. same for us as others have said.

    Ours took 7 days from the date we sent ours.

    So relax, and wait a few more days, and if you repeated this step, you will most likely get several responses in a row once they do. easier then said to wait...but that is all you can do. Luckily there are no holidays now, and no delays as happens for many who are in their process during the holidays.

    I assume you used the short cuts as is advised...they save several weeks if done properly.

    Best wishes.


  9. http://www.cfo.gov.ph/emig_manila.htm

    here is a past post by Arnold and Joan

    it is fairly in depth and a good description of their experience.

    Joan just went through her PDOS and got her CFO sticker. Here are just some tips and observations:

    - Get there early. They have limited slots for the session they have. She got there 9:45 and got the last slot for the 10AM session, the people behind her were given 1:30PM slot so had to come back or wait.

    - No need to bring your brown envelope, you know - the DO NOT OPEN envelope you get from the Embassy after your interview. Some people had them in hand.

    - Bring Passport, make sure you photocopy the passport and visa. Photocopy also the following: NBI clearance, Birth Certificate and CENOMAR. Bring some pictures of you and your fiance together. I read here that some people were asked to show these. Joan was never asked for any of the above except for her passport and visa photocopies.

    - No need to bring passport pictures. They take your pictures before the seminar

    - We went to PRISM which was close to CFO building so it was easy to get from one to the other to get the sticker after the seminar. Joan noticed there were some who came from St Mary's in QC to get their sticker at CFO. So we're not sure that they were giving stickers at St Mary's too or you still need to get it at CFO. If that's the case then PRISM is a lot closer.

    - Bring valid picture ID. They need one in exchange for a visitor's ID at CFO

    - Be sure your fiance knows your Address, phone number, Educational background, Year of Migration (if Naturalized), Mother's maiden name of USC,

    - One on one counseling wasn't too harsh or bad as I've read. They asked the following questions:

    > How, When and Where we met

    > USC's Educational Background

    > Do we have kids?

    > Do you really love him?

    > Are you ready for life in the U.S.

    Then she was just given advice on what to do if problems arise in the marriage.

    The PDOS took 2 hours and 15 minutes. There's a film showing, then you're grouped by destination and given advice and instructions as a group. The one on one counseling followed.

    The CFO sticker took another 2 hours. It may be because we went straight there after the 10AM PDOS and it was lunch hour and CFO. I'm still baffled why it takes 2 hours to put a sticker on her passport but oh well... we're done. I suggest you download the PDF application online and fill it up before going to CFO. That way you're ready and don't waste time when you're there.

    Well, we've crossed the finish line here finally - whew! - we've already got our plane tickets and will be leaving for US on May 13th. On to the next phase of the journey. Good Luck All!!!!!

    hope that helps

  10. All the above is true.

    The only sad thing for most is the inability to get sufficient time off from work here in the states.

    That was the biggest problem for us, and attending all the seminars.

    We ended up getting married as I had to leave for the states, and had no honeymoon.

    In fact, following the wedding, we stayed up all night and I had to leave the next morning.

    What a way to say good-bye as you are finishing saying I do.

    As they said..take a few extra copies of everything, as it will help later should they lose papers, or documents which has been known to happen. It happened to me,and is not very common...but it is always a possibility.

    have fun at the embassy. All they do is ask you to take an oath of truth on the divorce,and ability to marry, and very informal.

    the rest is a lot of running around, and time consuming errands.

    Nice thing is you will get to see a lot of things in doing so, and see how things tic so to speak.

    Good luck on your marriage, and be proud. There are a lot of people who will admire you when it is all over and who are too afraid to try such an adventure.

    Enjoy the Philippines if you have never been there before....you will never forget it once you do.

    Take Care


  11. You are correct about the U.S.A. thought.

    It must say:

    For travel abroad:

    It is good for 6 months for local employment

    1 Year for travel abroad.

    NBI CLEARANCE: Applicants aged 16 years and older must have a valid Record Clearance for Travel Abroad Purposes from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Clearances should be in the applicant’s current name, birth certificate name, maiden name, married name, and any aliases or nicknames ever used, including different spellings of all names ever used. An official letter of explanation from the NBI is required for any notation of “No criminal record”, "No pending criminal case” or “With derogatory record.” NBI is located along Taft Avenue in Manila. You may contact NBI at (632) 523-82-31 to 38. For immigration purposes, an NBI clearance is considered valid only for one year from the date it is issued.


    Hope that helps make it crystal clear.

    Good Luck.


  12. Our family seems to think you can simply up and buy a ticket, and take off of work on a moments notice. Seems ridiculous to think that I work in a place where you ask 6 months in advance at a minimum that people would think you can take vacation on a whim,much less afford it because we are all rich here. I can understand that people see what we have compared to a lot of places.

    But all that means is we are simply in more debt for the rest of our lives basically.

    So having people we love that live here,i see that as an educational opportunity to show them how things really are. Helps the world better understand us, and what we are going thru one Asawa at a time. Now we can only hope it gets a little better, and not turn into a complete depression, rather then a depression. At that point...we would be no better then living over there...so lets hope Obama helps get things back on track. Just a thought!

  13. Hello All.

    Me and Rose live here in the Northland in Minnesota.Rochester to be specific.

    It is a small town of around 100,000. It is like a big little city. We are home and head quarters to 2 of the largest names in business, and Medicine. We are home to the Mayo Clinic, and I.B.M.

    Basically half the people in town, and the surrounding area either work, or have family members who work at one or the other. It has been known as the best city to live twice. It is clean ,neat, and very well kept. It is home to the only Tae Kwon Do school in the U.S. to have hosted every major tournament in the U.S., and like family to us as I teach there, and my wife Rose is soon to have her Black belt. The only bad thing is summer only lasts about 4 months, and fall and winter almost 8 months. It is almost like living in Canada, and very close I guess.In fact we have posted one of the coldest temperatures on record having reached nearly 70 below zero with wind chills. makes me wonder why anyone would ever choose to move here for non work reasons. It is a mostly German Norwegian Community with a quickly growing Asian community consisting largely of Chinese, Filipinos, and Cambodians, and we have one of only 2 Buddhist temples in the state of Minnesota. So we have some huge Asian Events, and a very close knit Asian Community. So there we go...just a little bit about Rochester. In the interest of the Fil-Am couples who may read this..I havespent weeks searching the web looking for active links to Fil-Am sites, and have included a list of Fil-Am sites on our website at http://www.rochesterphilam.com I hope it helps others see what is in their areas where they live, and learn about one anothers cities and groups.

    Take care, and God Bless

  14. I read on the us-doj site, and on the letter they sent to submit the I-751.

    On the I-751 sheet it says to send the I-751, payment of 545$,copy of the permanent resident card, 2 photos, proof of marriage,and what appears to be the finger print sheet. Am I mis-understanding the finger print sheet

    Is this something that is done after you send this in, or do you have to go get finger printed, and then send this in?

    Can some one please help?We had all the documents, Unfortunately we had mail put in the wrong place and was put in the mail out area here,without all the documents being put together as a packet, and was mailed out pre-maturely by mistake to USCIS,without being signed as well.

    So now we are wondering about the finger printing, and how do we get ahold of them to say the papers should not have been mailed out as they were not ready. So we have 2 problems.

    Thanks much , and hope some one can help us.

  15. your very welcome...and glad to help when ever possible.

    I work for the hospital here, and we have so very many patients who have had that issue...including myself.

    Even if you test positive...it is not the end of the world..and you will do fine.

    Please remember..

    Smile...and remembere..that after all this has passed...you will be here.

    If you have any more questions...I am here, and VJ is where you will have many friends.


  16. Actually we have a new Magic Mic that is wireless aqnd we love it.

    We sold the old one to upgrade to wireless, and I am glad we did.

    Thanks to sumakya.com we can now pack it up, take it with, and you have an instant party.

    Oh..by the way my favorie song I learned is Sa Mata Makikita.

    Love that song, and a few others.

    Karaoke is the way to go...even if others dont understand that are not Asian.

    Love to see others open up and be themselves even in a group setting...

    Something others could learn to do, and it's always a blast

  17. I am so sorry, I forgot to answer that part of the question.

    After we contacted officials here in the states, due to the lack of answers over in the embassy....

    It took 32 days to get her Visa released , and her on her way.

    As to a second interview...NO..

    You do not have to reinterview...or atleast we did not have to.

    Almost in all cases you never have to re-interview. As soon as they get what ever it is they are looking for...they tell you that you are done,and it is over..you are on your way here. Good news is that if they do not tell you that you need something...they are jut waiting for something there. So if you have not been told that you need something additional..it is just a metter of time waiting on them. It sounds like they did not ask you for anything...so you jsut nned to wait on them, and you will soon be living in the land of the free.

    So smile, and you have my best wishes for you...

    Good luck to all on AR. it is their way of saying thanks...now go to the US, and I will have to stay here in the Phil's so I can make others miserable.

    Hope you feel better now...and please smile.

    God Bless

  18. There are never too many questions asked...so please do not be offended by anyone if needing information. These forums have gone on for years, and in many cases have been retsarted again when they have gotten too big. So anyway...as to your question. I contacted the embassy and asked them why we were put on AR, and how long it would take. I was told they would not answer that. So I asked what it was they put us on Ar for...and again they refused, and said they would not answer that. So I asked..what is it we need to do to solve the problem, and finish what ever was needed to get out of AR, and again they said they could not answer, and to be patient, and to wait. After that, they never again contacted us. So I wrote my Senator, and Congressman, and told them that I can understand AR, and sometimes they need to check things out. But atleast they should tell me what it is they are making me wait for, because with no answers, we felt helpless, and hopeless.

    So they got ahold of the embassy thru their channels, and 32 days later they e-mailed me saying my wife would be on her way to me within 72 hours. So I guess if you make enough people angry, and make enough calls...then they do something. I would suggest that you contact the embassy in the Philippines, or get ahold of your Congressman, and request an answer why you are in AR.

    I kmow that is not much of an answer...but remember, if you are honest, and truly care, then you are doing nothing wrong, and you deserve an answer. If you have any other questions...please feel free to ask, and I will be more then glad to help.

    God Bless.

  19. I guess I have contemplated adding a reply here..but here goes. Me and my Asawa get along, but I find her being afraid to stand up to those Filipinos who feel they are better then others. We have many here who feel it is all about big houses,paychecks, and status, and if you dont belongto that group...then you are beneath them. I was raised Asian from the time i was knee high, and I am very much Caucasian. I love everything Asian, and any Asian customs...not Pinoy Solely. I have made a point to learn as much about all Asian cultures, and languages due to my past, and my hobbies. I was raised japanese, dated a Chinese girl for over 14 years, married a Cambodian, and now married a Pinay. i have taught tae Kwon Do for 26 years, and know a lot of Korean. On top of that my friends are Vietnamese, and Thai. So the thing is...I have found us disagreeing due to the fact that she sees with blinders toward the Pinoys. I have been a member of that group for 26 years as wel, and now i am the VP of our Association. So I love it as well.Maybe in time she will understand the beauty of Asia in General, and that is why we are all here having married Asians. So needless to say I cook everything, and have variety as well as her cooking as well, as she speaks several dialects in the Phil's, and knows different dishes from the different regions. Our big problem is she has learned lowly, the ways of America and our products, electronics, and medicines, and practices. It is kind of cute though as it is nice to see things from her eyes..seeing things like that of looking thru the eyes of a new born. So i guess we are learning, and adapting both ways to each other. I guess variety is the spice of life as they say...so Our life is very spicy. Just my thoughts, and a chance to let everyone know if they have not yet figured it out,...Life is a 2 way street, and I hope the guys see things thru the eyes of the ladies they say they love as well. After all....we married them, and they came to us...not vice versa. W gave up virtually nothing..they gave up everything to come here.

    So I say...I Love The Pinay Maganda.

    Bless You All...and Our thanks to all of you for making us happy.


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