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  1. This is a good thing. It means that your case is with a Consular Officer for final review of your case and once he/she approves it then they will be the one to issue the Visa. This is the last step before you recieve your Visa. As far as the wait that varies from case to case. Just try to be patient because Cairo does take their time processing Visa's as i remember, however be patient and i will pray that you will recieve your Visa soon!! :thumbs::thumbs:


  2. Well this is good because at least you know that they are working on your case. I wrote to my Senator about 3 times but only after my husband had been on A/P for more than 9 months. I would write to my Senator about 1 time a month for 3 months and it really did help our case everyone's case is different but i can say that contacting my Senator did help. If i were you i would write a letter to my Senator about 1 time a month i do think it will help. As before i will be praying for you. Everything will be ok! :yes:


  3. I just wanted to say i know that you are very frustrated this whole process can make anyone crazy at times. I remember when my husband was stuck in Administrative Processing at the Cairo Embassy for over 1 year it was so hard but i had to learn to be patient which is easier said than done. Don't worry i will pray that your loved ones get through this soon just try your best to hang in there! They will get out of NVC sooner than you might even realize. Everything will be just fine you will see. I wish you all the best in the rest of your process! :yes:


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