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  1. Greetings fellow Alaskan! Did you enjoy the recent cold snap lol 🥶
  2. Hey All! I'm starting to gather information for my fiance for in the event of him receiving his visa and I want to see what kind of flight routes did everyone have when leaving Casablanca. My initial thought was to have him fly from Casa to Paris and do POE in Seattle, WA and then from there head to Alaska. Anyone have any issues with a K1 visa in Paris? How was it going thru customs/passport control? Any transit visa's needed? Any experiences would be great! Thanks!
  3. Same with us - the dreaded DS-5535 a day after our interview, but the embassy did keep his passport. They also gave us back the majority of our petition back (copies of chats, screenshots, pictures etc) only kept the I129F application, the adjustment of status, his medical results and his passport. We are coming up on 6 months of AP and still no word.
  4. ours was in transit as of Wednesday the 26th and now CEAC says Ready as of today! That's super fast....was expecting at least next month sometime at the earliest. Especially with the partial government shut down and another holiday coming up. OMG 🤯 I need to get my ducks in a row and FAST!! Not much time left at all now....
  5. Finally got our NOA2!!! Weird thing tho....we were approved last week! When we called this week to get a status they still were going off of the rfe date. No websites updates. No text or email. Just a random letter in mail. At least stage 1 is complete! That's a ride I never want to get on again 😱
  6. Congratulations first of all!! You received your approval letter. Consider yourself lucky that you got it in 5 1/2 months. We are still waiting and it's been almost 11 months. The A123456789 is your fiancee alien #. Now that you are officially in the immigration database, you are assigned an alien # that will follow your fiance in their immigration journey. This # will also be on the visa (if approved) and any employment authorization and permanent resident cards 😁 now you get to go to the NVC stage 👍
  7. already did all the above...including screaming lol (softly in my head). Now i have no choice but to wait it out and hope for the best...
  8. well....calling USCIS AGAIN....just to be told AGAIN to put another online inquiry in and wait 15-30 days. So now we are being told to wait until DEC. 4th to hear back from USCIS. Why do I have to wait a YEAR to find out what the hell is going on NOW?!? Time-frame for USCIS is 5-7 months currently (as told by the rep today). We are sitting at 10 1/2....im beyond pissed with these people! 🤬
  9. hopefully we hear something sometime this week (or even tomorrow) since today is a holiday and they are closed....i'm crossing my fingers for some kind of relief 😩
  10. nope sad to say still waiting! today is 62 days so we are now over the RFE processing time-frame. Put in a request to USCIS, emailed ombudsman and my Senator. Now we just wait..... This is killing us 😢
  11. this is crazy! i was trying to convince myself that all this hold time was cuz our lovely government was waiting for the elections to be over to see who takes over and how that would play on the changes of certain policies, but we are STILL waiting! Monday will be over our 60 days of waiting for our RFE and I can't get anyone to tell us anything. this is quite frustration just sitting in a dark whole....waiting almost a YEAR for a K1?! really government 😣
  12. just called. first rep was extremely nice! told us we are 18 days away from 60 days for our RFE but acknowledged we are OUTSIDE processing times for sure! Even had a nice conversation about how backlogged they are!! They are demanding every worker to work 4+ hours overtime 3 days a week to try and get ahead! she said it's something serious and everyone is overworked and grumpy. She said we are in adjudication and will hopefully hear something before or on the 60 day mark. She also said that they mailed out a letter dated Oct 9th about my online inquiry but I never received it. I asked her if they can send it out again and she patched me thru to a Tier 2. This guy 'Torris' was a NIGHTMARE!!! First of all, quite rude right off the bat. Asked for my street address - Can someone please tell me what they think their 'street address' would be?? In my world, street address is my physical - so that's what I gave him. He said why are you giving me false information? Are you the beneficiary? I said NO I'm the petitioner and that's exactly what you asked for. He said well tell me another address and let's see if you tell the truth this time..... 😠 so I gave him my mailing address (Po Box) and he said now I can help you. What are you calling for? Then instead of hearing what I was calling about, he wanted to question me and fight me why I gave him a wrong address. I said it's not wrong. You're getting off the subject why I'm calling. You asked for a street address and that's what I gave you. If you wanted a mailing address you should have said that (since everyone else I ever spoke to at USCIS asked for mailing). I told him all I want to know is the letter that was mailed out Oct 9th, can you resend it since I never received it and I like to keep complete correspondence from this whole process. He said I can't do that. I said why not?? His response: I can't send you something again that came from us since you lied about your address. OMG DUDE!!! Why are you still on this topic!?!? He said do you want a copy of your RFE? I said now why would I want that when I already responded and you guys already gave confirmation of receiving it....your not making any sense and it shouldn't be this difficult. I said if there is any letter coming out from you guys, then you should have a copy saved somewhere since it's permanently with our petitions during this whole ride. So again, I'm asking for a copy of the letter that was sent out since I never received it. Can you at least tell me what it was or email it to me?? He said the only thing he could do is resubmit another inquiry again for me online. I said that won't work since you are telling me we are within our processing window and no one will ever pay attention to those kind of inquiries. So what good is that for me? He then proceeded to end the call by saying, well if there is nothing else you have to ask me then thanks for calling and HUNG UP! How do you make complaints against reps?? At least the first one was super nice and gave me some kind of information about our status so far.... ....so frustrated! 🤬
  13. still waiting......no response to calls, emails, inquiries....nothing. This is day 35 after getting the confirmation from USCIS that they rec'd our RFE. This is utterly ridiculous! 😖
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