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    We were introduced online through mutual friends, although our official matchmaker was none other than American artist Lydia Lunch. After three years of living together in Barcelona, Catalonia, we moved to Chicago in the summer of 2016. In 2019, we relocated to Salt Lake City.

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  1. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS! Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Copy the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select the entire template, then select Command + C) or 3. Click "Quote" on this new template or most recent/updated version of this template. USE THE MOST RECENT POSTING OF THIS LIST! 4. Remove the "Quote Coding" located at the top of this template. 5. Paste the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select Command + V) 6. Now make whatever updates/changes you would like, then hit Submit Reply 7. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. CAPITALIZE YOUR VJ NAME when adding it to the list 8. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12]  9. Please remember to update the # of applicants on the lead row (XX applicants XX approved) 9. If you cannot add information yourself or you are unsure how to do so, please ask another VJ member to help you do so California Service Center (25 applicants, 1 approved - 4%) Visa Journey Name Date of I-751 NOA1 Date Biometrics Approved Notes PHILDINFTLAUDY 07/23/18 08/02/18 03/08/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused Reused PINBAK 07/09/18 07/10/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused DASBESTE 07/19/18 07/26/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused MARRIENNE 07/13/18 08/30/18 03/28/19 --/--/-- DIVORCE/FEE WAIVER (approved) SPC 07/05/18 07/09/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- IMPLIFE 07/20/18 08/01/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused WYY 07/12/18 07/23/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- RNAB32 07/02/18 07/05/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused BACONBAIT 07/12/18 07/24/18 03/29/18 --/--/-- TWIST899 07/20/18 07/24/18 03/11/18 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused THOMAS&JING 07/26/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- J&E H 07/11/18 07/16/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused ISMAR&BRANDY 07/30/18 08/27/18 03/11/19 --/--/--- Biometrics Reused WHISKERS222 07/26/18 08/07/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused YANGIE 07/16/18 07/25/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- MINNIE_MOUSE 07/25/18 08/08/18 03/08/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused YANIROSE 07/12/18 07/20/18 03/07/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused JO AL 07/26/18 08/07/18 03/28/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Appointment KANTE 07/26/18 08/07/18 03/08/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused NXN 07/21/18 08/01/18 --/--/-- 06/19/19 Biometris Reused, case xfered 05/10/2019, no interview PANTONIA 07/26/18 08/07/18 03/16/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused EA & AM 07/11/18 07/19/18 03/27/19 --/--/-- Case transferred to NBC on 05/20/2019. Pending N-400. MAGGIE 07/23/18 08/-/18 03/11/19 --/--/-- ALEXBATALLA 07/11/18 07/18/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused NINTENDOSWITCH 07/18/18 07/25/18 03/07/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused CDN_ALI 07/23/18 08/02/18 03/09/19 --/--/-- Biometrics Reused Vermont Service Center (10 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) Visa Journey Name Date of I-751 NOA1 Date Biometrics Approved Notes P-ANA 07/09/18 07/12/18 08/13/18 --/--/-- SUN&MOON 07/21/18 07/27/18 08/31/18 --/--/-- JOHN&MARIA 07/23/18 07/26/18 08/31/18 --/--/-- ENDOFMAY 07/12/18 07/16/18 --/--/18 IMPREZAOWNER27 07/23/18 08/01/18 09/04/18 --/--/-- MCSSAE7883 07/14/18 07/17/18 08/20/18 --/--/-- NEM&GRH 07/28/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- DRELLANJ 07/23/18 07/26/18 08/31/18 --/--/-- CRB 07/30/18 08/06/18 09/18/18 --/--/-- LJC 07/30/18 08/02/18 08/30/18 --/--/-- LEGEND/KEY: Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved.
  2. Today, we relocated from Chicago to Salt Lake City. I just notified USCIS regarding the change of address. My naturalization case status was updated automatically: "We transferred your application to another USCIS field office for review." It also says that I'll be mailed a notice with more information. As expected, my waiting time increased from 8 months to 11 months. I'll keep you updated. Anybody else relocating during the process?
  3. Same here. Although I always visualize and ask for the best, I've also accepted the possibility of having to wait to have news until late 2019 or early 2020. Ideally, I'd have all this completed by January of 2020. That's when my 18-month GC extension expire. I filed to remove GC conditions in July of 2018, and requested to have this case adjudicated in the N-400 interview when I filed for naturalization two months ago. My case could get delayed because I'm moving from Illinois to Utah next week. To end on a happier note, I want to say that I'm happy for those who already have their interviews scheduled 😉 I look forward to reading your updates during the next weeks/months!
  4. Hi Frog107, First of all, I want to clarify that this is my opinion. I might be right or I might be wrong, but I don't think employment status has any effect on i-751. We file i-751 to remove conditions when we're conditional permanent residents who obtained this status through marriage to a U.S. citizen and immigrated the U.S. before the 2-year anniversary of our marriage. The main purpose of i-751 is to ensure that we entered the marriage in good faith and that it's not a fraudulent marriage of convenience to solely obtain a green card. When sending evidence along with the i-751 form to USCIS, it's recommended that we provide, among other things, joint financial statements. However, we don't do this to prove our financial situation, but to show that there's a life in common, a household, not separate lives. PS: Unless the situation is critical, never stay at a job that makes you unhappy just for the money. Good luck with your job search!
  5. That's up to you. Some people choose to wait until they get I-751 approved, but others prefer to have the two managed together. I filed for citizenship while my I-751 is pending. If you choose to do that, make sure you request it in writing.
  6. I was notified twice too on myUSCIS account (transferred on May 20 and May 22), but I've only received one letter so far. Have you filed for citizenship?
  7. I don't think that would cause any trouble. Is not like you're paying the state or federal government your hospital bill, right?
  8. Yeah! While at this point I'm trying not to think too much about it, I'm always hopeful that things will move faster than average. I always thought I'd have my ceremony at Soldier Field, but even if I were to stay, the ceremony is likely to be some other place indoors if the estimate is pointing at February/March.
  9. I'm actually moving to Utah in a couple of weeks, so my case will likely get delayed. I was hoping I could have my interview before the move, but that didn't happen (too optimistic maybe? 🤪). I have the feeling that Chicago will move faster than the estimates.
  10. When I filed the N-400 petition, I added a letter requesting, among other things, to have the two cases decided together at the interview as this website states.
  11. I haven't received the letter in the mail yet, but I also got the USCIS notification stating that a transfer had taken place and that a new office had jurisdiction over my case. I'm a CSC filer, and this is the most recent update that I see at present: "On May 20, 1019, we received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number [XXX], at your local office." I'm waiting to have my naturalization interview scheduled. When I filed N-400, I requested to have the two cases decided at the interview, so I understand it's right for my local office to have the case now. If I receive the letter and it says something different, I'll let you know!
  12. It must be "estimate time dropping day" 😄 Mine went down to March 2020 (10 months) from June 2020 (13 months)!
  13. Same here. I've received two emails ever since saying: "We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on XX/XX/XXXX." I began the naturalization process in mid-April and requested to have the ROC decision at the naturalization interview, which I'm waiting for now.
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