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  1. Removal of condition while living in oversea

    I was a conditional LPR and my spouse is a U.S. citizen. We moved to Japan to attend my medical issue in 4/2015 which we could not afford to do in the U.S. I applied the removal of condition from Japan. I received the biometric appointment notice on 10/2017 and missed it because it did not get forwarded in time. I rescheduled the appointment and flied back to the U.S. to complete the biometric appointment in 11/2015. My condition was successfully removed.


    Returning resident visa (SB-1) - successful

    By the time I completed the treatment, we stayed in Japan for almost 2 years.

    late 1/2017 - I made an appointment to submit my application for returning resident visa in late 1/2017. I visited the U.S. embassy in Tokyo and was approved of "applying for" the determination of returning resident status right away.


    3/20/2017 - My 2nd appointment at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. I gathered the necessary documents, including the result of medical exam and vaccination record, and brought it to the embassy. The interviewer asked why I did not seek the treatment in the U.S. and I explained that American doctors refused to give me a medical test due to the low probability of the occurrence of my condition (a Japanese doctor gave me the test right away and I did have a specific medical condition I suspected). The interviewer asked if the treatment was ongoing and made it difficult to travel back to the U.S. and I answered yes (which is true). Among all the documents I submitted, he spent 98% of the time evaluating the letter from my doctor.* The interviewer asked a few tough questions but he was sympathetic. 


    *My Japanese doctor was unfamiliar with the immigration process and I agreed to draft the letter. I made sure to include that I was denied of the medical exam needed in the U.S.; my treatment was unexpectedly prolonged due to my treatment response; and the treatment did not allow me to travel. The doctor evaluated the content, approved it, and signed the letter. 


    To my surprise, my application was denied but I was told that was because I was missing a no criminal record police certificate from Thailand where I lived over 15 years ago. I was told that my application would be approved as soon as I submit the police certificate.


    3/21/2017 - I contacted Thai Royal police via email to ask a question about the process. I received no response.

    3/28/2017 - I called Thai Royal police but the person only repeated the information that is available online and did not answer my question.

    4/1/2017 - I sent the request and wiretransferred the approximately 3-USD fee (I paid about $45 to banks in order to do this) and waited and waited. 

    4/25/2017 - I called Thai Royal police to check the status and was told that it will be mailed by the end of the month. 

    5/7/2017 - I called Thai Royal police and I was told that it will be mailed soon. 

    5/20/2017 - finally received the police certificate and mailed it to the U.S. embassy in Tokyo along with my passport. 

    5/23/2017 - I received my passport with valid visa on it! 

    6/10/2017 I entered the U.S. and my green card was reactivated by the immigration officer at the airport. I was told that I will not receive a new green card and I should start using my current green card immediately. 


    I heard that SB-1 visa is very difficult to get and I feel very fortunate to be successful. I wanted to share the story for someone who needs the info. I had a very hard time finding a success story. Due to privacy issues, I will not share my medical condition. 

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