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    05/29/2013: CEAC Status shows "Ready"
    08/23/2013: CEAC Status changed from "ready" to "administrative processing"
    09/09/2013: Received Interview Instruction Sheet via email. Scheduled Interview on ustraveldocs. SUPER EXCITED!!
    09/10/2013: My mom scheduled Medical Exam in Shanghai. They asked her to bring 6 visa photos and the Email from GUZ
    10/10/2013: Interview approved but pending with 221G (read my Consulate Review on the bottom)
    10/14/2013: Sent all the documents to my mother today via FEDEX.
    10/18/2013 Submitted documents to CITICBANK. Status has already been updated with ustraveldocs:"Your passport is being delivered to post"
    10/21/2013 - Per ustraveldoc tracking passport: "your passport is still with post" CITIC Bank rep said it takes about 3 business days get to GUZ. Lets hope this way!
    10/23/2013 - 5:00am WADC Time: CEAC Status updated AP with a new date. what is going to be? I am obsessed checking status every hour
    10/24/2013 - 5:00am WADC Time: CEAC no updates since yesterday still under AP. I am in pain
    10/25/2013-5:00am WADC TIME:CEAC AP status with no new date.
    10/28/2013- 5:00am WADC TIME: Ceac AP status updated; called DOS: Rep said the documents have been received and logged in the system today.
    10/28/2013- 3:30pm WADC TIME: CEAC AP updated with 10/29/2013 date. This is weird, who is working at this hour in China time?
    10/29/2013- 2:29am WADC TIME: ISSUED Yay Approved!!!!
    10/30/2013- Per USTraveldocs: Passport is still with post
    10/31/2013- Per UStraveldocs: Passport is still with post. Phone called Guangzhou ustraveldocs help desk: Rep said it is still with post. No status on when it will be shipped
    11/1/2013- Logged in to ustraveldocs: Passport status disappeared. Tracking is still shows "it is still with post"
    11/4/2013-ustraveldocs status shows"Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
    11/5/2013- called ustraveldocs helpdesk, the lady told me that the passport is waiting to be picked up by CITIC bank courier
    11/6/2013- called ustraveldocs helpdesk, as of Tuesday, 10:54am, visa is ready to be picked up by the courier. Called again US helpdesk number option for chinese. The lady said, its been picked up by the CITIC Bank, there is no way to know when it will be arrived at the location we selected.
    11/7/2013- 9am Citic bank called, passport is ready for pickup
    11/7/2013- 10am my mom got her visa!

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  1. Passport finally arrived at CITIC Bank, my mom is on her way....cannot wait to book her airline ticket!!

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