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  1. How did your interview go? :) Any news?

    1. adil&Britt


      Salamo Alikom firstly im sooo happy for u guys that ur fiance get approved after a whole time of patience ok its was everything ok about the interview i just forgot to send him the 1040 of my mom because she is the co sponsor and plus i did not filled the 1040 of mine soo today he got a letter from me to explain why i did not fille the 1040 and plus the 1040 of my mom so tomorrow he is going bring those papers to them and i hope from Allah that this AP will ending soon so my fiance will be h...

    2. Tayri n Tudert

      Tayri n Tudert

      I hope everything goes well for you guys :)

    3. adil&Britt


      Thank you soo much sister ... he went to the consulate todays and he gove them what they need from him and after that they give him a a small pink paper and they told him that they gonna calling him asap... i hope that's everythings gonna be on right this time insha Allah :)