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  1. Dear @phunkyvida 


    How was your interview. i'm still waiting the notification for my interview, but nothing yet :( 

    1. phunkyvida


      Happy to say that I had my interview on 06/05/2017 at the Oakland Park FL office at 9:10am.

      I got to the USCIS building around 8:30-ish (it was hard not to leave earlier as my house is literally 2 blocks away from the location!)

      I got called in at around 9:55am for my interview. The interview went smoothly.


      After I swore to tell the truth, we went through the long list of questions and reviewing information provided on my application (Have you committed a crime? Belonged to the Communist Party? etc. etc.)


      English Test-

      • Was asked to read: Who lives in the White House?
      • Asked to Write: The President lives in the White House.

      History/Civics Questions asked-

      • What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen? (defend the Constitution and laws of the United States)
      • Where is the Statue of Liberty? (New York Harbour)
      • Name two national U.S. holidays. (Independence Day and Thanksgiving)
      • What movement tried to end racial discrimination? (The Civil Rights Moment)
      • When must all men register for the Selective Service? (Between 18 and 26 years of age)
      • What is the capital of your state? (Tallahassee)

      In all honesty, it was very quick, it took no more than 20 minutes. The Field Officer was polite but very formal and stiff. I had a hard time understanding him as he had a very thick hispanohablante accent (he later mentioned to me whilst chatting that he is from San Salvador, El Salvador)


      He told me that he would recommend my application for approval and congratulated me. I asked when I would hear about my oath date. He said I should receive my notice for my oath date by the end of the month.