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  1. There was talk of potentially being an interview waiver case, but I havn't heard anything about that since June last year.

    I've lost track of where it was being sent, I just know my RFE said to send it to the address on that letter, which was San Francisco - 630 Sansome Street, 94111.

    Speaking to uSPS, they can rearrange delivery for tomorrow but need a suite or room number as apparently there's 50 offices there. Speaking to USCIS, they say it needs to be sent to the exact address on the letter. I have no idea what to do now... Suite 1210 is for US Homeland Security, but if the USCIS officer calling me back in a few minutes gives me a PO BOx, should I redirect it there instead? :\

  2. So I finally got around to sending off new medical exam results and other additional evidence requested, it went in the mail last Wednesday with guaranteed delivery Friday 8th. Today on a whim I check the status and see this:

    Your item is being held at the Post Office in SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 on May 8, 2015 at 7:47 pm because the business was closed. The item will be delivered the next delivery day. If this item is unclaimed after 15 days then it will be returned to the sender.

    By my calculations, I only have a couple days before my deadline hits. Anybody have an idea why this would have happened? Why would the business be closed, and why would I not see an update from the mail today? :\

    Not much to be done except call USPS tomorrow morning I suppose but goddamn... I finally got everything together with everything they wanted, and I get stalled by USPS??

  3. Hello all, once again I require some guidance on what to do here...

    My Employment Authorization Card (i-766) expires May 29th of this year. I initially applied for it at the same time as my adjustment of status from entering with a K1 fiancee visa. That AOS is still ongoing, and after 8 months of silence I just received a notice in the mail requesting some further information, so it won't be wrapping up any time soon. I obviously need to renew my work permit, and my job is chasing me up for updates so they can cover themselves.

    However, I'm reading the instructions of form i-765 (which I believe is what I'm filing once again?) and I see this which worries me:

    6. Family-Based Nonimmigrant Categories

    1. K-1 Nonimmigrant Fiancee of US Citizen or K-1 Dependant --(a)(6) File form I-765 if you are filing within 90 days from the date of entry. This EAD cannot be renewed.

    Is there another form I'm supposed to issue for a renewal in this case? Do I disregard this line because of the length of time my AOS has taken? And will there be an additional cost to renew even though I am still in the process of applying for AOS?

    Thanks once again for all the assistance!

  4. Good morning all,

    So I've been thinking on and off for the last few months about my visa application, but not in too much detail as I got a letter over the summer explaining that I may be a waiver case and just to sit back and wait for news. However, just looking now at exactly HOW long I've been waiting, I'm a little concerned, and could do with some reassurance!

    Since I applied I received my work permit at the end of May, went straight into a part-time job in June, and now I'm working a second job with Expedia for which I just went full-time (hello, health benefits!). I'm concerned that if I do not hear anything before long, that I will have to apply to extend my work permit for another year. Will there be an additional cost associated with this, or is it free to renew/extend? Also, how long does this process take and when should I start, to ensure I do not break my eligibility to work?

    And for anyone also applying for AOS right now, is this 8-month wait typical? I cannot recall the exact date I received the letter in the mail about being a potential waiver case, but am I right to just sit back and wait or should I be preparing anything in order to accelerate the process once I hear more?

    Many thanks for all that you guys do!

  5. In short, I never applied for my Social Security number once arriving in the US. I believed it was something issued when the AOS/Work permit was approved, but now I'm understanding that it's something YOU should apply for as soon as you can after entering the country, and that you need a valid I-94 to get one. My problem is that I'm now about 4 weeks past my '90 days' staying period. However, we filed all the AOS forms (along with requests for work permit and travel auth) back in March and they were received by USCIS 3/26/14.

    A quick Google search for what to do when your I-94 has expired (which presumably mine technically has?) hasn't helped and the Orlando SS office hasn't answered my call - they close in 20 mins - so does anyone here have any idea what I should do next??

    As always, thank you for your advice VJ!

  6. Hi all, just want to clarify the language used in my RFE letter:

    We need evidence that my new wife's mother is a US citizen (which she is) and the two easiest options seem to be birth certificate or copy of passport. Unfortunately my mother-in-law doesn't have a passport that hasn't expired, which I guess would get refused. So birth certificate it is.

    However, it doesn't mention the word 'copy' describing that, is just says "A birth certificate issued by a civil authority showing birth in the United States". Can this be a photocopy/scan, or does this need to be issued at a government office and be an 'original'/copy of original? I ask because when I suggested this, my wife gasped and suggested that that would be very expensive ($100+)? When I got my birth certificate copy in England, it only cost maybe $30 to get certified and issued. So a photocopy would suit us great (and I think that's what I've been copying for my own and my wife's, and I've had no requests for those).

    I'm concerned because it sounds like if we don't send everything correctly this time, it'll mean we get denied and have to start again (and presumably lose the $1000+ already spent). So is a photocopy acceptable, and if not, what does my Mother-In-Law need to do to get something that is acceptable?

    Many thanks as always guys!

  7. I tried calling my local town hall but I've moved a good few times, always in a westerly direction, so they weren't actually able to issue one... I had to call the office in my home county where it was issued. It was actually only 130 miles away from me, according to Google Maps, but at this late stage, every mile is an inconvenience :) if your fiancee is in the same situation, she needs to call the records office of whatever she was born and request a new copy... they can send it out first class mail, but that wasn't an option for me since my appointment is 9am tomorrow. Hence the trek to get it in person :(

  8. Yeah, this backs up what else I read while desperately ringing around... I played it safe, at great cost... the only local office that could issue it was 200 miles away, so bought a new train ticket and made a stop there on the way to London (on a day the office was closed! - luckily I called this morning and they were willing to help me out, just needed to ring the doorbell). It's been a mare of a day but hopefully it'll all pay off tomorrow :) thanks for letting me know!

  9. So I'm gathering all my documents for my interview tomorrow, and I want some advice on my birth certificate :)

    The letter I received with a checklist of documents clearly states: "The date, place of birth, and parent(s) name(s) must be shown on the birth certificate." However, my original UK birth certificate from 1986 doesn't have my parents' names on it, nor is there space for that information - it's a perfectly-square, surprisingly small certificate, but it's the original from when it was completed three days after my birth.

    For anyone who has had an interview in London, is this going to be an issue for me? I'm not even sure if I go down to the town hall and get a certified copy that it'll show anything different? But if that's what I need to do, I need to go NOW. Please advise!

  10. I'm a little confused as to which forms are needed for my interview on December 10th in London... once I received the invitation to interview, I was directed to a list of documents to bring. I never saw reference to the I-864 before now - when we got our NOA2 back in July I hurriedly asked my fiancee to fill out I-134s for herself and her mother as she will be co-sponsoring our K1 Visa. Is the I-864 also needed, or is this just for employment visas? If it is needed, do I need copies from both fiancee and mother?

    t's not long to go now so I need to make sure anything I need can get here from New Mexico before the 10th!

    Thank you all!

  11. So as the topic suggests...

    In the rush of getting forms together the day before I was due to fly out of the UK and fly to America for 2 and 1/2 months for a vacation with my fiancee... I may have sent my DS-2001 form without actually filling it in. In my absence, my parents have already sent the forms off to the embassy, so I can't be sure.

    If I HAVE sent it or any other part of "Packet 3" off as incomplete, can I expect a response, or will they simply wait for the correct completed forms to arrive? As I say, I'm out of the country until December so a prompt reply isn't necessary, but if they simply don't do anything and wait for completed forms to arrive, I won't know anything's wrong. Not sure whether to send off another copy (from over here in the US) just to be safe,

  12. So I've finally received my Packet 3 from the London Embassy... one line on the letter caught my eye:

    "The K1/3 petition is valid for four months from the date of action (priority date at the bottom of the letter) and must be valid to process your case to conclusion. To revalidate the petition, please request your fiance(e) to make a notarized statement of intent to marry within ninety days of your arrival in the US and present it on the day of your interview.


    Your priority date: 10 JUL 2013"

    My issue is that I'm about to go to America for about 70 days as a tourist and by the time I return, this four month period of validity will be closed. What am I supposed to do here? Do I get a letter from my fiancee while I'm over there and bring it back with me in December to my interview (when it gets scheduled)? Do I need to do anything, besides sending in the forms requested, before the 10th November rolls around and the window closes? :\

  13. "On August 21, 2013, we shipped this approved or re-affirmed case to the Department of State for visa processing. For more information, please contact them directly"

    Halleujah, only took 6 weeks to drop a package in the mail! :rolleyes:

    At least we're seeing progress.... three and a half weeks until I fly to the states, so hopefully I'll get the medical booked before I leave - leaving the interview until December.

  14. NOA2 July 10th, still nothing at the NVC... frustrating as a trip to the US for two and a half months is quickly looming, and I at least wanted the medical done before I went. Tried e-mailing the NVC now as well as calling, we'll see what that gets me.

    When did people start involving their senators and congressmen? And what sort of thing do you generally ask for? Did it help?

  15. I wonder if its just the uk applicants its taking long for.you should have received yours by now. I only got approved 29th July and I called and was told 8 weeks. Someone in another thread said they called dos and got there number after getting repeatedly told by NVC they had not received their file yet.

    I did see that, but couldn't see a number for calling DoS.

    But if I call them and can get my case number, and get my medical organised asap, what'll happen if the London embassy STILL don't have my file by the time they get the medical results? Will this slow things down even more while they try and match them up?

    At the very least, if I can get my medical sorted before September, I can book my interview for December and head over to my fiancee for New Years :)

  16. We were approved on July 10th and as of August 6th, still no sign of our case at the NVC. It's very disheartening, especially as we were hopeful that we'd get through the rest of the process before September 15th, when I'd planned to fly out to the US for a couple months over Halloween/Thanksgiving. But if it still hasn't even made it to the NVC, I'm doubtful I'll get the medical and interview done within 5 weeks. I'm calling twice a week just hoping to get the case number, so I can get the medical booked. Disappointingly, I don't think we'll be getting married this year :(

  17. Hi,

    My fiancee just received an email stating:

    "Your Case Status: Initial Review

    The I129F PETITION FOR FIANCE(E) was transferred and is now being processed at a USCIS office. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you."

    Is this the NOA1? If so, we're much earlier in the process than we thought, and our hopes of getting to the stage with interviews and medicals etc before September are dashed (VJ timeline now tells us to expect another response between Dec 7th and 27th). We received thie mail below on February 21st:

    "Your case has been accepted and routed to the USCIS Vermont Service Center for processing. Within 7-10 days by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) with your Receipt Number....."

    We assumed this was the NOA1... can someone provide clarity?

    (also, a couple of days ago, apparently the case was transferred to a local USCIS office for processing.)

    Thank you!

  18. Hey everyone,

    We're approaching the 5-month mark since filing our petition and haven't heard anything yet, which is fine as I understand this is the absolute minimum it'll take and could be closer to 9 months... I was planning to visit the US in September for a couple of months (for a 6-week long Halloween event in Orlando and, time permitting, staying for Thanksgiving) but was wondering what to do if we get approved for an interview between now and then. For anyone who's gone through this stage already, when you are notified that you can go to an interview, a) is that interview in the US or at an embassy in your own country (for me, the UK), and b) do you get given a specific time and date, or can you schedule it yourself? And if so, how far out?

    I haven't booked my flights yet and will wait until a month before, most likely, but wanted to know what to do if I'm requested to attend an interview at a time when I'll already be over there.

    Many thanks!

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