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    moodyme reacted to destiny64 in Visa approved   
    My husbands visa was approved today, he said he was very comfortable with his interview, and the hardest part was sitting for hours waiting for his turn . It was a much better experience for him than when we applied two years ago for the fiance visa. It's been a very long journey for us and we are extremely happy today. I've learned a large amount from this website over the past few years and made some great friends. Thanks to all of you for your support and wisdom about immigration ,whether it be filling out forms or how to get through NVC quickly. A new life begins now! So ready for it <3
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    moodyme reacted to destiny64 in Visa Approved after one Month and 8 day of AP   
    Sorry but when it comes to the welfare of a child it shouldn't matter what thread we are posting on. Congrats for approval and hiss boo you are a bad mother. Wrong is wrong, sorry to burst her bubble but if the shoe fits...what gets me is she ranted and cursed the consulate that they were keeping her from her son with AP, she could have gotten on a plane right then and now she has her approval and is she going on a mini vacation, seems to me she's been on a pretty big vacation already. Just know that its hard for some of us and it hits a very strong heart string to know a young child is involved. Just because your child is with family , doesn't make it any less like abandonment when its been this long period of time as in this case. I'll join the uncouth club.
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    moodyme reacted to devotedpartners in Visa Approved after one Month and 8 day of AP   
    Hmmm I think my priorities would be seeing my son that I haven't seen in 7 months, while you have been in morocco instead of going to have fun in new York. Your priorities are all screwed up if you want to know the truth lady.
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    moodyme reacted to destiny64 in A US Citizen in CASABLANCA consulate :(   
    I agree totally with what you said about offending other spouses with crappy english. AP has nothing to do with that, and for all we know the AP is on the OP not her spouse. We could go further will this crappy english comment about the OP , seems hers could use some revisiting . Sorry but I'm not sympathetic at all at with her plight, her journey has been fairly speedy compared to a lot of us. No one couple deserves anything more than the rest of us. Every case is different and every couple has the right to be together. Next she'll be complaining because she's in a pickle for overstaying her visa, I guess that will be the US governments fault also? The OP made decisions to go and wait it out with her spouse, that was her decision and we all have been aware of the difficulty of the process and the chance that AP could happen. Don't think any of us are above the rest when it comes to who they decide will need additional processing. Storming into the consulate with the I'm a U.S citizen attitude won't get you very far either, and what was so offensive about being mistaken for a Moroccan citizen? Aren't you married to one???!!!
    I'm sure this post is going to cause some waves, but I'm sorry I've read quite enough negativity from you ...it's time you learned to suck it up like the rest of us and quit your whining and bashing of others whom you seem to think you are above.
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