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    We met thru internet sometime September 2011 then we became friends as days goes by we chat everyday and exchanging text and calls. until he decided to come here last January 6, 2012. He stayed for 10 days, He went back to US January 16, 2012 . When he came back there we realized that we miss more each other and the feelings we have for each other is more than friends.. We continue the communication, everyday chatting calling text messages. He decided to proposed to me and we agree to get married on May 26, 2012. So while he's in us I fix the wedding. He came back last May 9, 2012 then come May 26, 2012 the most special day in our life.. I never been that happy since I met him and finally became as one. He flew back again in US last June 5, 2012 its sad because were gonna be apart again. Everyday that passed by I miss him so much.. Until come September 7, 2012 he surprised me at work. Yes he came back to me to surprised me on my bday (sept. 10, 2012) I was so happy in so much happy I cried because no one did that to me. I really love him so much that's why on the time that he needs to go back in US that's the saddest day for us. Being apart is not easy. I miss him so much that I cried whenever I miss and think of him.
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