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    Samba, Salsa and Patricia! Not necessarily in that order!

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    We met 2 years ago and dated while I was in country. I was working contract here in Dallas and that allowed me to travel to Brazil every 3 months. Eventually we decided we wanted to work toward something permanent. I began going to Sao Paulo just to see her and not to Fortaleza where I had been going often. She found an english program and for the next 18 months went 2 times / week to learn the language. Now we talk in english with a little of my broken Portuguese :) we have been approved and are now waiting for the packet to be sent to Patricia to prepare for the interview.


    My baby received Packet 3 on 9/26/06! Things are rollin' yall!

    10/10/06 - My sweetheart went for her medical today! Just another step in the process! We will be together soon!

    10/31/06 - I just talked to my baby! She called the Consulate in Rio today! We have the date for our interview! December 19th, 2006 0800hrs. in Rio! I will leave Dallas on 12/15/06 to arrive in Sao Paulo the next day. We will leave Sao Paulo on 12/18/06 and spend the night in Rio (no sleep that night) and be there in time for the interview the next morning! :)

    11/1/06 - Today we looked at the Visa Journey site together! Patricia in Brazil and me here in Dallas. It was fun to have her see the timeline, photos, comments and emails sent to us from all of you! She really got a kick out of seeing all the information. Thanx to all of you! Also, Packet 4 came in the mail today.

    11/22/06 Bought ticket today to Sao Paulo. Leaving on 12/13/06!

    11/30/06 Booked hotels in Sao Paulo and Rio today. We will leave for Rio from Sao Paulo on 12/17 in the evening. We plan to meet up with Cintia, who has her interview the same day. Kevin, her beau, is not able to make it. On Monday 12/18 we will make a dry run to the Consulate and then hang out in Rio at the beach and locate Sun House biquinis who is a supplier for my company. Tuesday 12/19 we will get up EARLY and get to the Consulate early for the 8am opening. Stay tuned...

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  1. The two of you make a beautiful couple. I wish you many blessings and successes for your future. I have traveled to Brazil on two occasions and I love it there, but my heart is in the Dominican Republic. May God bless you and yours!