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    No no. See here's the thing. one of the requirements of the visa is being "free to marry". In the Philippines you need to provide a CENOMAR which shows that they're single. Even if they divorced in another country, they wouldn't be divorced in the Philippines. Which means they're NOT "free to marry" by Philippine law. Which makes them ineligible for a visa.
    The same can be said of EVERY country, they have their own laws. You can think it's unfair but you're asking for permission to bring her here, that includes permission from her government.
    There is another country (Vietnam I think) that WILL NOT permit it's citizens to marry USC's who are older than a certain age, and who don't earn over a certain amount (a HIGH amount too). Other countries require their permission to leave the country, even just for visits.
    In regards to your particular RFE, by Philippine law she is NOT free to marry you (same as if she wasn't actually divorced in her country). That means she CANNOT leave the country to marry you without her first fulfilling the requirements for someone of her age for her country.
    You might not think it's fair, but it is the law of her country.
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