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    Jarun got a reaction from lital in Denied K-1 Reaffirmed??   
    Wish that was more positive after the denial, but we received the same two emails April 26 - 30 minutes apart, as well as another VJ member. After being happy about reaffirmed, we were told to "disregard" the reaffrirmed email - the relevant one is it is under review at USCIS. Wish it was the opposite for all of us. We called NVC every week and they had not received the petition back so it is still "under review" at USCIS.. USCIS says to wait your turn, etc - they have up to 180 days from receipt to complete. We are filing another K-1 in the meantime. Either way it is six months at least. Also received an email from NVC after inquiring and they said the validity periods would expire which did not preclude us from filing another petition. So here we go!
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