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    Slm herkese ! :D :D
    Soo I met my fiance Sept 2010, in Istanbul, and we started to became friends. He was my neighbor actually we had no clue, right next door. So through moving around in cities,his work, my life, we still stuck together til today. It was not easy let me say. Along the way, he learned English, I learned Turkish and kurdish and our families have grown together. Through cultural, religious, and age problems, weve come out strong :) Though Im only 19 this may, and his is only 22, everyone has learned to accept us and we are blessed for that. Im praying for a smooth journey and Im so happy to have him in my life.

    Im also here to talk and I love to talk too so dont even hesitate :)

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  1. Expecting approval any day now(everyone else got approved) !!!!

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    2. Ismail+Cassie


      Thats so awesome good luck! How long did it take for them to send the packet, when did you schedule your interview? just thats still more then a month away

    3. jdba


      We're doing a CR1 visa. We filed all our papers at the NVC and they assign the interview date. It's a little different from a K1 visa. K1 's get to schedule thier own interview and we have to wait till the NVC decides to schedule us. We've just been really lucky. We started this process dec 4. It will be just under 7 months from start to interview. My goal was to have my husband here in 8 months and if we don't get AP we will make that goal. :)

    4. Ismail+Cassie


      Oh ya! I thought i saw you were doing k1! Thats soo great ! Good luck to you! I just got noa2 :D

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