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    David and I met at the Quad Nightclub in Kingston on a trip to Jamaica in May 2011. Believe you me...I didn't expect us to end up together. For months, we communicated on Skype, messenger, and the phone, sometimes talking for hours! I so enjoyed his conversations, and we always made each other laugh. At one point, he gave me comfort while going through a very emotional breakup. I began to miss him during those times when we coudn't communicate due to no credit, no internet, no phone, etc. But somehow, as soon as we were both up and running again, we would run each other down lol, never losing touch for long! Even though friends would hint that maybe we were more than friends, I still insisted that he was just my buddy! lol At the time, I had a few buddies, and wasn't eager to be tied down!

    So, I was planning my 2nd trip to Jamaica, set for May-June 2012, immediately, David stepped up to assist me in any way he could. Even though only part of my time was being spent in Kingston, his home, he was there to make sure everything went smooth during my trip.

    I remember waiting for him to pick me up from the Knutsford bus stop in Kgn. They were late, and I was becoming anxious. You see, I had previously been let down by others who had agreed to assist me. I saw the car come flying into the parking lot, and this slim, BEAUTIFUL man stepped out with a huge smile...and...my heart MELTED!! He was so beautiful, and so happy to see me! Thinking back, I think it was love at first sight! lol

    Anyway, everything David had promised, he DID! From securing me with my own personal taxi driver, to finding affordable activities for me and my friend to do, to making sure me and my friend were both picked up and dropped off at the airport or bus station, he showed me that he was reliable. And to top it all off...he was a perfect gentleman the whole time! Never once did he try and make a move on me, and he treated me with so much respect, always worried about my comfort. I used to see my friends give us looks like "uhhh huhh", but I would always insist that we were just friends. I had even made plans to meet some of my other male friends that I had met online, but never quite got around to it. It was David I wanted to see everyday...no one else. One night, we stayed in because I had misplaced the keys to the apartment. I was tired anyway from walking in Halfway Tree all day. David came over just to spend time with me. We watched tv and talked, and he even massaged my thigh which was paining me from a pinch nerve. Never disrespected me. We fell asleep on the sectional that night...him at one end of the "L", me at the other. lol

    When my time in Kingston drew to a close, I hated to leave David!!!! The night before, I went to a party in his community, Mountainview, and felt so close to him. I even spent some time as his place. I felt so safe, so protected, so comfortable in his presence. We said our goodbyes, and I promised to call him while I was still on the island. My 1st few days in Montego Bay were very lonely. I had no Digicel card, very little money, and no company. By the 3rd day, I rec'd a frantic message from David on Facebook, expressing how he couldn't stop thinking about me, and how he missed and worried about me because he couldn't hear from me. My heart melted because I couldn't stop thinking about him either!! The next day, when my money came in, I got a SIM card and called him! We talked non-stop for the next 2 days!! Even then, I was still afraid to admit what I felt for him, but he never pressured me. That Thursday, we talked from 11:30pm til 5:15am!! (Digicel free minutes from 11pm to 6am) lol. Before he hung up the phone, I asked him to come to Mobay to stay with me for the duration of my trip. His response: his bag was packed days ago!

    David and I had the most wonderful and romantic weekend in Montego Bay! I knew, as I got on my plane, that I was in love! And I think I had been falling for months, but was afraid to admit it! But it's more than that. David is my soulmate. It's like...he was made for me...and I for him. His weaknesses are my strengths, and vice versa! We compliment eachother...He is the missing piece to my puzzle. David has taught me the difference between actions...and words...that true love is shown through action! He makes me feel loved, but not because of what he says, but what he does! And for the first time in my life, I feel SECURE that the one I love loves me EQUALLY. And each day, our love grows stronger, despite the distance in miles.

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  1. I finally figured it out! I know which way we are going to file! CR-1, so it looks like I have a wedding to plan, and only a short period of time to plan it! So psyched right now!

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