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  1. I know I should be sooooo happy because I´m expecting a beautiful baby that will bring us sooo much happiness. But when I think we don´t even have NOA2 I don´t know how to feel. I´m desperate it´s been 8 months and I´m going crazy.. Ya Raab!!

    1. Claudia Raposo

      Claudia Raposo

      I feel you, my fiance filed our case about five months ago, in november we be six months and we still dont have Noa2, i was told by a friend through here that Vermont Service Center is very slow, California Service Center is faster, but oh well we have to wait, meanwhile we enjoy time with the family and friends, and now you should be happy!!! Congrats! And dont worry very soon you will have your answer, if not, it be good you call to see whats going on with your case since it...

    2. Claudia Raposo

      Claudia Raposo

      ...has been 8 months

    3. Gaby2806


      Awww.. I know the feeling Claudia.. I´m still waiting because there was an RFE involved and they rcvd it one month ago but ohh well. I was told because of the country he´s from (Pakistan) it´s gonna be hard for him to be approved. I don´t know what else to do. :(

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