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    We have been married for 3 years. We started our visa journey on May 3, 2013. Finally after all the time apart, and all the patiently waiting, tons of paperwork, and countless hours of stress, Visa Approved Nov 7, 2014!! My husband is finally home!!

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  1. 37 more days until I see my hubby... trying not to watch the calendar and hoping it goes fast!

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    2. Happytobe


      the first 2 days, we'll be in Casa. His interview is 2 days after I arrive. Then we will go to Fes. November 11th we will be in Sale. We will arrive there early in the afternoon and will check in to the riad that we are staying in that night. We will visit some places and sleep. My flight leaves the morning of the 12th. Maybe we could get a cappuccino... :)

    3. HettyandSaid


      aww that sounds nice! would love to! I will make sure to be in touch with you! I have not been to Fes yet.. and wow.. good luck for hubby at the interview! we are still patiently waiting for noa2.. we know we still have a wait. (may filer)

    4. Happytobe


      and if he's approved.... we will hopefully be in Casa on the 4th of November, too!

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