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    Uma is from Bali and I am from Houston where we first met. After we got to know each other, we fell in love and became engaged. Several months later, she came to the US again and we celebrated our wedding in Medford, Oregon where most of our family lives. Now, like many of you, we are wating for our Visa application to be processed.

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  1. does anyone know or have experience coming to US with tourist visa while immigrant visa still on administrative processing? well, I went to interview on Oct.24 and CO gave me white slip that my visa was approved but it might take longer time to get the visa. I have tourist visa valid for 5 years and I plan to use it during thanksgiving and christmas. will I get a problems? thanks for your comments!

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    2. Joseph_Uma


      Thank you Shifa for your comment. It was nice to chat with you on FB too. I had contact the embassy and asked if I there is any restriction for me to use tourist visa travel to US? they said No. anyway, will try to contact them again to make sure about this. we dont want to have trouble on POE.

    3. Jason and Shifa

      Jason and Shifa

      Hallo Mba Uma :) oh wow good news :D .. i'm glad you can use your tourist visa :D sorry for the confusion :( ..actually you don't really know the answer until you experience yourself :P ..there are 2 different answers (>_<) .. but from what i've read on the forum,i've found out that some people have had experienced on using tourist visa while their case is under AP . They didn't have any problems and they can travel to the US :)...Good Luck Mba Uma and have a fun h...

    4. Joseph_Uma


      Thank you Shifa for your nice words and support on my situation. anyway, my husband already sent letter to congressman to find out about AP issue. Hope we hear some good news soon. my husband is on his way to Bali now, excited!! can hardly wait to see him at Bali Airport. :)

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