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    I met my love Jhon in 02/2010 in Dominican Republic. Got involve in a relationship 11/2010, and I am in the process of bringing him to Florida. YHWH (God) willing, my baby will be here soon..

    ((UPDATE)) 03/2014
    I will leave my story up, just so that some people can use as information. I withdrew the petition in February 2014. I could't be any more happier with my decision :)

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  1. So.... as I recover from my surgery today (or yesterday when you guys read this lol) I am reading through some of our members stories, some good, some sad...I really pray that my baby gets his visa soon. Leaving him in DR again, is one of the hardest moments that I go through or better yet, we go through. Can't wait to close this chapter in my life and start a new one with fun and excitements and great stories to share, where you guys can benefit from :)

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    2. DeniseD


      Thank you mama, If you need any help from me or have questions let me know!!

      Well actually it was hard in me, I couldn't enjoy it as mush as I wanted to b/c of the medical issues I was having. Being in DR is quite as comfortable for me to be relaxed lol due to light going out and water too lol. But my honey made it comfortable for me. Couldn't go out as much b/c it was painful to walk lol.

    3. sweet love0510

      sweet love0510

      Have faith this will get resolved soon.. The great news he was approved and he will be with you soon.. Hope you feel better soon from your surgery :)

    4. DeniseD


      Yes you are right!! Thank you so much :)

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