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    That's the risk we all take when we bring our loved ones to this country. It sucks that even though we try to show them how life is like here they cannot handle it once they arrive. I would say try not to argue with him. You gotta understand that it is also a huge change for him. He changed a lifestyle that he had for all his life. Talk to him, show him that you are aware of the effort he's making to adjust himself to you and his new life. You are the one who's used to the country and it's your job to help him adjust. About the food and living with your parents try to move out asap! Because we all know that living with our parent- in-law is not a fun thing and males hate the fact that somehow they depend on us. If he doesn't like the food your parents make, try to make something different for him, things that he likes to eat. About the job, well its very rare that a person coming from another country finds a job that is on the same level or even higher in this country. America is a country of opportunities, but in order to succeed we need to prove America that we are hard workers and that we're capable of reaching our goals. No ellite position comes from the sky. We gotta work for what we have and wish to have. Again do not argue with him because that makes it worst. Put yourself in his position and say the thing you would want to hear if you were him. Don't give up and fight for your love
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