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  1. Just to let everyone know that I've contacted my Senator today. The hubby and I will be filling a consent form and I will be faxing it tomorrow with our other correspondence from the Congressman. Will keep everyone updated on our progress. Thanks a lot for being mindful of us!

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    2. M & C

      M & C

      Dang it! I keep looking for the like button on Dana's comment, but it is not there. I agree, too. I am extremely upset and disappointed in the way you two were treated and the unfairness of the whole thing. Continuing to pray for you to be able to get this straightened out somewhat quickly.

    3. Kayode&Ginie


      Thanks a lot M&C. Me too...I miss him so much already! =)

    4. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      Praying for you everyday sister! Missing you! Please let me know if you need anything! I have my boots ready to slip on and brass knuckles on the bedside table!