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    fitness, music, food, traveling, movies, hiking

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    This story is about a young European girl, who went to study in the US and ended up falling madly in love with an American football player ;) - a decent one that is lol!

    Going through the K1 process has been tough, but so worth it! Waking up next to each other every morning is the greatest blessing we could ever have asked for.

    We married on 6-9-12 in Los Angeles and had the most amazing wedding. We are currently filing for our AOS.

    PS. God is good :)

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  1. Passed my driving test!!! Wuhuu.. Just in time to start work on Thursday lol.. 3 weeks of practice with the hubby and I made it through :) very happy! (ps. I am 25 and never had a license back home in Denmark so this is huge for me lol)

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      i hope i get mine soon.. i'm 26 yrs old n never had a license :P

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