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    There's not much to say about me except that I come originally from the former GDR (for those who don't know GDR- I come from that part of Germany that used to be behind the wall) .
    Unexpected and not wanting a relationship at that time my now husband found me in the www, changed all my plans and I packed my stuff and moved to the UK in November 2008 to be with him.
    My husband is in the US Air Force and stationed at RAF Lakenheath.

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  1. Hey. You must be reaching the end of your 6 weeks for a new X-ray. How's that going? Hope everything is OK!

    1. diath


      Hey there,

      I didn't go again. I travelled to the US on one way ticket because my husband had to leave and we had to cancel the rental home and ship our furniture so I went with him because I would have had no home. We explained the situation at the passport check and he understood.

      I thought about coming back middle of July to get it done again but we decided to do the AOS in the US because I couldn't expedite the interview date once I would passed the medical and living in...

    2. lost_at_sea


      huh. how does that work then? is that because he's military? normally that would be pretty much breaking all the rules.

    3. diath


      He is medically retired since July.

      Well, we contacted different immigratin attorneys. According to them it is not, because it wasn't right to hold my medical results back for a chest infection that is proven not TB. Plus, I had an approved petition and this does not completely break the rules. It is different for K-1's or people who are married a short amount, according to the immigration lawyers.

      It is not recommended in general but it all depends on the Immigration Offic...