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    I met my fiance after a damaging break up. He was there to mend my broken heart. We became friends and as time healed we fell in love. He is such a blessing to me. Each day I give God thanks for bringing me in his path.

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  1. im not gonna feed into garbage, but i wanna say this. now everyone thats here on Vj has spouse or significant other abroad. my thing is this if I'm desparate for a man abroad and can't find a man here in the states as someone on here on vj put it. im confused as to why are you here? in that case we are all desparate. Stay in your lane Lady. you don't know me

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    2. QueenE


      people say the stupidest things on here about relationships. It almost concerns me that many have social disorders.

    3. Nigerian Queen

      Nigerian Queen

      For real thought!!!

    4. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      I learned early on, sometimes you just have to ignore what others say. They might have entered their relationship for "business reasons" only, (which is illegal by the way.) You can tell when someone is in love with their spouse and there is real romance.

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