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    On July 17, I visited Jamaica for the first time with a friend of mine to attend Reggae Sumfest 2011. On July 19, just 2 days after I arrived, we went to Margaritaville in Montego Bay to party, which is where I met Cordel. It was late in the night when he approached me and I was about to get on the shuttle to go back to the resort, but I gave him the hotel name and my room number. Sure enough the next afternoon, not only did he call the room, but him and the friend he was with when I met him (who ended up talking to my friend) showed up at the hotel to visit. We ended up seeing each other every day (except 1) until I left. He would come to the resort to pick me up for a little while sometimes in between our vacation plans, and we would always meet up every night at the club. We were in Jamaica for 10 days and by the 10th day I was so in love. I loved everything about him from the way he dressed, to the way he talked and danced and just the affection he showed me when we were together. The last night before I was leaving Jamaica, I spent the night with him where he lived in Montego Bay. My friend also spent the night with his friend. The next day, they drove us back to the resort so we could get our stuff to go to the airport. I cried that day and couldn't believe that i had actually fallen in love in Jamaica!!
    From the day I came back to New York, Cordel and I talk every day, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. We have had our obstacles, regarding trust and cultural differences and such but overall, I had an amazing time with him while I was there and miss him so much now that I am not. I went back just one short month later to visit him on from August 30-September 7. I stayed with him at his house and we got to know each other more. It felt as though we had been dating for years. I loved waking up to him every morning and having his company each day. He took me to the country to meet his mom and dad and all his school friends who he grew up with. We just recently started talking about starting our own family, which is what brought me to this website as I prepare to send out the petition for a fiancee Visa for him. I know its quite soon to be thinking of marrying a person who I just met, but I believe that in life sometimes you have to take chances and have faith. I hope and pray I am making a good decision and that everything works out for the best.

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