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    Being happy and seeing a big smile on my beautiful Filipino wife's face. Attending church with my wife ....coming home from work and seeing my wife .

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    Pittsburgh PA
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    12/ 29/2010...We was introduced to each other by Jo,s cousin and from there the rest is one beautiful love story .

    01/2011...We started talking on a regular basis

    02/2012...By this month we was spending every moment we had with each other on yahoo and the phone.

    04/2011.... We are really getting to know each other at this point.Very long talks about everything under the sun.

    06/2011.....We are very close at this point and I mentioned to her I want to come see her...she was so excited.

    07/2011...At this stage Skype,Yahoo and the phone just wasn't cutting it any more.....Plans are in place and well under way for taking the long hop to the Philippines to see Jocelyn .

    08/2011....Flew from Dulles and heading to Manila, after a stop in Nagoya and having the right engine do a hot start on us we was delayed for another night . Next day in Nagoya, myself and a few new found friends end up negotiating with Delta to get us a flight out of there and on to Manila. Flew into Manila at around 11:30 pm .My new friend Dean showed me where to look for Jocelyn and as I was walking toward the ramp a taxi driver for my hotel was waiting for me and I told him I was suppose to meet a girl here and he said to me "come with me sir and Ill take you to the girl...with no hesitation I followed him and as we got to the top of the ramp I looked down it and their she was almost jumping out of her shoes ...Ill never forget how she looked.....yes real men cry , and as I fought back the tears of joy the distance between us closed fast and I felt I was in the presence of an angel. I knew then all the feelings I had before departing to see her was put into stone...... I was going to make it official ...My visit was the best 9 days of my life ....and changed my life forever.

    After arriving back home in August 17th I went to work on the visa right away it took a few weeks to get it right and a few friends who had went throught the process prior to us helping us ...

    September 1 sent Visa I129f forms to Texas

    September 6 .....I129F makes it to Texas

    Septemeber 8 .....I129F hard copy arrives

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