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  1. i need some help:( my fiance sent me his TAX 2009 ONLY but the 2010 he cant send it to me,because he is deployed to iraq now so he dont have 2010 tax:( u think i will get trouble on this on my interview soon?

    1. James@Jennyvie


      Yes my friend...the consular officer will ask for the latest tax returns of your fiance.you will not be in trouble if your fiance will be there in the time of your interview because the consular won't be asking a lot of questions about your relationships..like what I encountered,I've done my interview in just 2 minutes then I was approved!But good luck to you my friend.Just pray that everything will be alright!Goodluck to you!

    2. stronger


      You could call for him and get the tax transcripts easily via telephone. There is a number I saw posted on here. All you require is his SSN and select options on the telephone. It would send the tax return to the address it was filed from. Of course, he would have to have already filed his 2010 taxes.

    3. TUES


      but he made a letter thats saying (he do not have to file his federal taxes until he return from combat ) his final tax return will not be completed until a later date.