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    Meet online 9/2007, Finally met in person 11/2010 and again 4/2011....trips to Nigeria, K1 visa denied, decided to marry 2/23/2012 while in Nigeria for my 3rd visit, now we begin the CR1 journey.......

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  1. Approved!!!! Just got the call......

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    2. Highyella72


      Can't say much about the experience. This is our second go around first the K1 then the CR1. So they didn't ask much, other than who petitioned for you, how many times has she been here, when was she last here, and do you have any additional photo's? I had front loaded so he didn't have to provide much although he printed a buttload of stuff to take with him. Thats all the asked and told him to come back next week and get his passport and visa.

    3. BimnKay


      Congrats Hun. So happy for the both of you. God never leaves his own behind.

    4. ebu&nas


      Congrats am really happy for u

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