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    We both met on a mmorpg pwi.
    She was a Venomanser i was a Archer and i neted help with my quest and so she did , we wer talking a-lot and we allready had something in commen (gym) so i logged off and the next day we wer questing together again , and again and again day in day in each day , so she asked me my myspace channel so i gave it to her , than she gave hers. im like oh so that is the person i am talking to the whole time. And she was thinking the same. After a short time she asked me if i had skype , but im nervous if its come to voice chat but still i said , yeah i have and we talked. than we share facebook, and after a while she wanted to meet me and so we did , and thats when we both knew its going to work out between us =)
    and after that 1ste time we desited to send a application and that she gonne come a 2nd time , and so we met again ^^ And now im here Married to her and sending 2nd part of the app =D

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  1. My stomage is doing weird lol becauz tomorrow =O

    1. Becky<3Jorim


      tomorrow =OOO

      i have interview =OO

      i hope i dont stress to much cauz i promessed i woulnd stress but that whas like 10 day's ago =S

      now its getting realllly hard to not stress , becauz i have tomorrow the interview =OOO

      Wish me the best of luck please =) =D

    2. Stefaan_Leslie


      no need to be nervous, they are used to it :D