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  1. Is so sick of the negativity I get when people say things about being in a relationship with someone in another country! :(

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    2. a loves a

      a loves a

      Ppl watch media alot and think our country is bad but it's not true , so 90% of us just n Lv and the worst thing the fact that embassy think like this big time, and I hate 2 listen that terrorist word u get sick of it

    3. a loves a

      a loves a

      Let me tell u that guys since 9/11 they make it hard even 4 livers and family but guess what they never catch no terrorist or nothing they just good at broke ppl heart!!!!

    4. wendy&tamer


      You know not all people feel that way. Most I encounter here adjusted better to it the longer we were in a relationship. People are now fasinated to know my husband is from Egypt. I think people feel a little hesitant because of the failures of online meeting. Hold your head up high and keep being in love. Best wishes.

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