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  1. I know that relationships, especially Long distance can be hard. I have been in the US over 6 years now and my fiance in JA. However, i strongly disagree with the people who keep encouraging people to work it out, work it out. You can only try to work out someting for so long. Sometimes we get the signs and we act DUMB and BLIND and end up regretful. be smart about the decisions u make

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    2. BocaChicaBabe


      What's worse is that some of those same people get their petition approved rather quickly and get through the interview process easily. Months later he’ll post that his wife knocked out all his teeth, put him out of the home he owned long before he met her and moved the man whose child she’s carrying into that home, then he’ll proceed to ask for help with how to adjust her status. Meanwhile, there are some people with genuine relationships that wait past the average pr...

    3. BocaChicaBabe


      processing time and then have to work extra hard to prove themselves at the interview and still get bad news. I ask myself "Is this for real?" It’s sad that people truly in love are suffering from the super long wait and then on top of that they have to read these insane stories.

    4. Shere&Doug


      u could not have said i any better...BocaChicaBabe... and its unfortunate

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