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  1. Its 2am cant sleep so anxious.... will today be the day? this is so overwhelming... I am normally a strong person but i am not holding up well these pass few days... God i pray i get NOA2 soon and pray that this process speed up so i can get on with my life and my love.....

    1. LoveNigarmostyle


      Sorry to hear of your troubles, I have been there few times within the last year. It is normal to become overwhelmed with all this. Praying helps and talking about it does too. Drop a note whenever you need to talk or just need an ear, I am here! Take care.

    2. berry and bird

      berry and bird

      You are not alone. It gets harder everyday. hang in there, email your frustrations as needed. prayers move mountains, so it surely can move VSC to process our case and give us our NOA2 soon. I will be in jamaica in 61 days for 3 weeks so my prayer is for him to have his interview and visa while im there so we can come home together. Its crazy how this process can disrupt our life.

    3. Shere&Doug


      awww thanks guys that is y i like this site...i have been snapping on my fiancee... because i am seeing all the approvals n nothing yet for me. i sent my RFE to dem all it was was 2 passport pictures of me the received it on the 23 of may n i thought they wud be done already n mail me my NOA2. i dont do well with stress unfortunately. but i am praying this will be over soon....thanks guys i feel better

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