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  1. relationship going bad again... is it normal or is this just not going to work?

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    2. Shere&Doug


      sometimes we see the sign to out future and we think that its jus a phase. dont ignore the signs or u will regret it. i am not the one to say leave or stay. In ur heart i know that u see where this is going dont be blinded by love and be heart broken... Best wishes to u in ur decisions

    3. marjus's girl

      marjus's girl

      i don't know if it will work, but please think about your doing ..this is a hard process but you are in just the beginning...my husband and i have waited almost 7 months and have had no noa2 and got rfe just a week ago and we have not had problems..not saying were perfect but if your having this much trouble now..what if you have to wait 7-8 months like some of us? good luck..i will pray for you:)

    4. Kay-che



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