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  1. Friday, 81st Day since NOA1 fed up with this shhht!

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    2. Carol & Lenin

      Carol & Lenin

      fyi ours took 141 days your half way there just hang in there and try to relax. beven if its just for a bit.

    3. Shere&Doug


      I filed @ VSC Like u... i used a lawyer which i now regret paid all this money... I know the waiting is hard and it gets harder the closer it gets to the end... i am 150 days into my petition for my fiance who lives in Jamaica...I received a RFE and sent it off last friday so i am keeping my fingers cross for the NOA2.... Good luck i hope u will gets urs real soon... hang in there... Hopefully VSC will speed it up and u will get ur approval. GOOD LUCK

    4. Flaco Bello

      Flaco Bello

      Thats what I am saying...thanks all of you first of all... every one has different day totals... i just dont wanna be one of the least fortunate who end up waiting past the 5 months and on top get an RFE... Because the NOA2 is not the end of solitude..to me its only the beginning of the end... one still has to go through another waiting process followed. Thank you... at least the NOA2 relieves to be honest

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