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  1. i need help here my honey is in casblanca morroco he orginally from nigeria and is not a resident of casblanca so wouldn't i have to visit him in nigeria

    1. missicy


      you can visit him anywhere you want but make sure you have proof to show that both of you were in the same country at the same time (tickets, passport stamps, receipts etc) so you can prove that you met him in person.

    2. lovehurts


      when i file where would the embassy be in morroco or nigeria, i talked to him last night and he said because he is not a resident of casblanca it should go fast i don't think thats right

    3. missicy


      you don't file at the embassy. you send the petition to USCIS, then when it's approved, it is sent to the embassy. if he is a resident of morroco then he can be interviewed there. both casablanca and lagos are tough consulates and your relationship will be scrutinized at both so make sure you have a lot of proof of bonafide relationship.

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